Pilots and flight attendants can import their flight schedule and pilot logbook from AIMS eCrew, as follows:

Planned Roster   (online / mobile app)

Press the "Get my Roster" button in your CrewLounge AERO mobile app.  The app connects to the AIMS eCrew portal and downloads your roster from the Crew Schedule - Detailed page.  Flight details are limited to what you see on this page.

Historical Data   (online / mobile app)

Press the "Download my Data" button in your CrewLounge AERO mobile app.  The app connects to the AIMS eCrew portal and downloads your roster from the Crew Schedule - Brief and the Pilot LogBook Report pages.  All data is combined into a single set of data.

Depending on your company's servers, you can go back many years in the past. As a general rule, anything you can see yourself in AIMS can be downloaded by CrewLounge.

Pilot LogBook Report   (off-line / desktop, mobile & web app)

We recommend pilots to using the online Historical Data download feature to import your flying experience.  Due to the large amount of data that is retrieved from AIMS, the online download feature is limited to 3 months per session.

Alternatively, you can opt for off-line import, as follows:

1) Login to AIMS eCrew with your favorite browser

2) On the Pilot LogBook report page, select the dates and press the "Export as CSV" button (see images below).  

If that button is not available for your company, right-mouse click on the "Save Target As" link and use the Save Target As function from your browser to save the report as HTM file.

3) Share the CSV or HTM file with any of the mobile or desktop apps of CrewLounge PILOTLOG.  

You can also upload the file through My CrewLounge (login here)

Option 1:  AIMS having the "Export as CSV" button

Option 2:  AIMS without the "Export as CSV" button

Important Notes

- If you receive a CSV file from the company ICT department, the file is NOT compatible with our import wizard!

- Do not use the browser 'Save As' options, instead use the buttons from AIMS eCrew!

- The off-line CSV import function enables you to import your entire flying career in a single run.

However, keep in mind that flight data in the Pilot LogBook report is limited!  It does not have flight numbers, scheduled hours, takeoff and landing times, name of Co-Pilot and Cabin Crew.  Pilot names are imported without a unique Employee ID.

- Combining the online Historical Data interface with the off-line CSV import is not recommended! 

Since the Pilot LogBook report has no flight numbers, the import wizard will create fictitious flight numbers, typically "XX17" for a flight that departs at 5:20 PM = 17:20 = "XX17". When you import the same flight via the online import interface, where the real flight number  given, this will lead to double records in your database, e.g. flight XX17 from BRU to LHR, and again flight SN302 from BRU to LHR on the same day. 

There is also an issue with double Crew Names, as the Pilot LogBook report does not have the Employee ID (e.g. 48357) or LetterCode (e.g. PBN) for the pilots, whereas the ID is imported with the online interface.  This again can lead to double crew in your Tables - Pilot list.  Use the Pilot Merge function to clean-up any doubles.

Read more about Pilot Merge on Page 30 of the User Guide (here).