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Modified on Mon, 13 Dec 2021 at 10:23 AM

Flight attendants and pilots at SkyWest can download their planned roster and historical logbook.  

Download your planned roster and have access to your schedule with CrewLounge CONNECT.  Import historical flight data in your pilot logbook with CrewLounge PILOTLOG.

On the Settings - Airline page in your CrewLounge AERO mobile app, select any of the following two interfaces for SkyWest:

  • SkedPlus+
  • SkedPlus+ (Crew Time Report)

Both interfaces connect to SkyWest online, as follows:


Planned Roster

            My Schedule  > Trip Details

Download your planned roster, including off-days, ground meetings, deadhead and hotel layovers.  All Trip Pairing details are imported, including aircraft equipment and crew names.

Use the 7D (Quick 7 Days) function to quickly download the first week of your roster only, should there be a change for today or this week.

Historical Data

            My Schedule  > Trip Details

Download your historical rosters, again with all Trip Pairing details.  Actual OUT-IN times (block hours) and aircraft tail number are also imported.

SkedPlus+  (Crew Time Report)

Planned Roster

            My Schedule  > Trip Details

This function is identical to SkedPlus+

Historical Data

            Crew Time Report  > Flight Status Details

The interface will not download your full schedule (off days, ground duties, layover). Only flight records are imported.  Deadhead flights are not imported.

The interface connects with the Crew Time Report in SkyWest online and retrieves the Flight Status details for every single flight.  This includes the full set of OOOI hours, aircraft tail number, delay codes and passenger load. 

Pilot flying and fuel numbers are not available in the Flight Status details, and should therefore be logged manually.  Or use the automation in CrewLounge PILOTLOG to alternative PF/PM(PNF).

We recommend this interface to pilots for completing their pilot logbook.

Off-line Import


            My Schedule  > Export  >  CSV 

Both interfaces also support off-line import, as follows:

  1. Download your schedule in CSV format
  2. Share the CSV file with the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app (desktop and mobile) or upload the CSV file through My CrewLounge (here).

Flight information inside the CSV file is rather limited.  We recommend to use the Online interfaces.

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