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How to import from Yunzhi Zhao CAAC app

Pilots flying for airlines in China record their flight hours through the Yunzhi Zhao CAAC app, shown here :



You can import your flights from the Yunzhi Zhao CAAC app into CrewLounge AERO with a single click of the button.  

Select your company from the Settings - Airline Interface page in the CrewLounge PILOTLOG mobile or desktop app.  If your airline is not listed, contact us and we'll have it added for you.

How to Import

There is no export function from the CAAC app (if there is, please let us know).  

We have therefore built an OCR (Optional Character Recognition) interface to read data from the screenshots that you make from the CAAC app.

Proceed as follows :

  1. in the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app, select your company from the Settings - Airline page
  2. close the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app
  3. in the Yunzhi Zhao CAAC app, make a screenshot from the Flight (see below)
  4. share your screenshot with CrewLounge PILOTLOG (mobile app) or send all screenshots to your desktop and import the images through the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app on the desktop

Internet connection is required when you share the file with CrewLounge PILOTLOG.

What Screenshot ?

You can grab a screenshot from the COMPLETE flight detail page (cyan text color), or the NOT COMPLETE flight input page (black text color).  Both screenshots work.


  • Chinese characters in the JOB description are automatically processed as PIC, Co-Pilot, PICUS or Cruise Relief function time.
  • Chinese characters in the PILOT names are import as is
  • Add your own name (as shown on this page) in the Roster Alias field for Pilot SELF in the CrewLounge PILOTLOG - Tables - Pilot List, in order for the application to recognize yourself.


  • The interface cannot interpret the green option bullets.  All selections will be ignored.
  • Optionally, in order for the interface to interpret your selections, you must cross-out the other options and submit your image with only the text from your selections.  By preference use black color to cross-out the text, as illustrated in the image below
  • The interface appears to sometimes overlook the "PF" selection, since the text shows as "PF"

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