Pilots at American Airlines can use the following 2 methods to import flights :

  • PILOTLOG connects on-line and imports your planned roster HI1-HI2
  • PILOTLOG imports My Logbook - PDF Document

Online - Download your Planned Roster

PILOTLOG connects with Sabre TASC through the APA (Allied Pilots Association) web portal.  The interface will first login to the APA Member Login page (APA Identity Server) and then navigate further to the Sabre TASC Mobile FOS portal.

The airline interface retrieves data from the following pages :

  • HI1 - Planned Roster
  • HI2 - Recent Roster

The HI2 page shows recent data only, typically the last month.  To import more historical data, you must use the PDF logbook function (see further).

The on-line interface is available from the mobile app (iOS - Android).  Proceed as follows :

    1) on the Settings - Airline Interface page, select American Airlines - Sabre TASC

    2) insert your credentials (as shown below) 

    3) select Planned Roster and hit the Start button

This figure illustrates how to insert your login credentials in CrewLounge PILOTLOG or CrewLounge CONNECT :

PDF - Import My Logbook 

You can use the Sabre TASC interface to import your historical data, back to 1998 or any further.  Do the following steps :

1) Open your browser and login to the APA - Allied Pilots Association website :


2) Navigate to My Data - My Logbook and save your records as PDF Document

3) Login to My CrewLounge (here) and upload the PDF :     

The My Logbook - PDF document includes all records for the past 10 to 20 years.  As far as we know, there is no way to generate a PDF with only a limited number of records, such as "last 3 months".  Therefore, select "Import Records - Last X days" from My CrewLounge, to avoid the whole document being parsed, as needed.

Additional Notes on My Logbook - PDF Document

  • The interface currently recognizes only CP (Captain) and FO / FB (First Officer).  If you have another position, please contact CrewLounge SUPPORT to have it added.
  • Delay Codes are converted into official IATA codes
  • Fuel + - is not imported, since there is no base reference 
  • Pilot Names are not imported, as they are not listed in the PDF