Pilots and Cabin Crew at Jet2.com (UK) can import flight data as follows:

Planned Roster

  • Sabre CWP:  import your planned roster straight from the company crew portal

This solution is more convenient for the calendar roster app CrewLounge CONNECT and is also available to cabin crew. Read more about the various functions (such as Roster Share, Chat) of CrewLounge CONNECT on the website (here).

Select the Jet2.com - Sabre CWP interface from the mobile app Settings - Airline Interface page. 

Historical Data

  • EFOS (efb):  import your "Journey Log Notification" email

Pilots can import the company EFB emails straight into CrewLounge PILOTLOG. Follow the instructions indicated below.


Flight data from the EFOS WEB App goes straight into your personal pilot logbook with a few clicks of the button.

 CHANGE - 15 SEP 2021 

If you were previously using the EFB Inbox email method, you must no longer forward your emails to CrewLounge EFB.  Instead, use the new method as explained below!

Getting Started

Install the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app on the company iPad, or carry out the same steps from your personal iOS / Android device. There is no difference in the procedure.

Login with your CrewLounge AERO account and continue as follows:

1) on the Settings - Airline page, select the new interface EFOS for Jet2.com

  • do not confuse with the preceding "EFB (EFOS)" email interface!

2) on the same Settings - Airline page in the Import Events section, make sure that Historical Data is turned On for Flights (and Duty - optional - as desired)  

  • if you run our apps on multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC) then verify the settings on ALL your devices (just to make sure that everything got synched)

3) on the Pilot List page, edit pilot SELF and insert your name "as printed in the EFOS journey log" as Roster Alias.

  • omitting this step may result in your name and Pilot SELF both being listed on the same flight.  Continue with this article (read here) to have that cleaned-up.

4) on the Settings - Flight Logging page, select "Airline interface / EFB" for AUTO LOAD TASK  

  • this setting is needed to retrieve PF/PM from the EFB data


Importing the EFOS email

1) Open the EFOS email and Select All the content

2)  Next, press "Share"

3) Select CrewLounge PILOTLOG from the app list

4)  The CrewLounge PILOTLOG app opens.  Press CONVERT to process the EFB file (this step requires internet connection and cannot be done off-line).

That's it!