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Pilots and Cabin Crew at (UK) can import flight data as follows:

Planned Roster

  • Sabre CWP:  import your planned roster straight from the company crew portal

This solution is more convenient for the calendar roster app CrewLounge CONNECT and is also available to cabin crew. Read more about the various functions (such as Roster Share, Chat) of CrewLounge CONNECT on the website (here).

Select the - Sabre CWP interface from the mobile app Settings - Airline Interface page. 

Historical Data

  • Sabre CWP:  import your performed roster straight from the company crew portal

Select the - Sabre CWP interface from the mobile app Settings - Airline Interface page.

  • EFOS:  import your "Journey Log Notification" email

Pilots can import the company EFB emails straight into CrewLounge PILOTLOG. Details are listed below.

For pilots, the recommend way to go is:

  • download your planned roster with the Sabre CWP interface in the CrewLounge CONNECT app
  • after the flight, import your EFB data with the EFOS interface in the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app

When you download your roster with CrewLounge CONNECT, the events will also show up in your CrewLounge PILOTLOG logbook. You can turn-off Event Sharing in My CrewLounge - Roster - Airline Interface  (here).

How to import EFOS?

You can install CrewLounge PILOTLOG on the company iPad, or you can use your personal device (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac).  


Open the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app:

1) on the Settings - Airline page, select the new interface EFOS for

  • fill-out the different settings that come with this interface

2) on the same page in the Import Events section, make sure that Historical Data is turned On for Flights (and Duty - optional)  

  • if you run CrewLounge PILOTLOG on multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC) then verify the settings on ALL your devices (just to make sure that everything got synched)

3) on the Pilot List page, edit pilot SELF and insert your name "as printed" in the EFOS journey log as Roster Alias.

  • typical format used is "John DOE" (case sensitive !)
  • omitting this step may result in your name and Pilot SELF both being listed on the same flight.  Continue with this solution article "SELF and My Name showing double" (read here) to clean-up your logs.

4) on the Settings - Flight Logging page, select AUTO LOAD TASK = "from Airline interface / EFB" 

  • this setting allows to retrieve PF/PM from the EFB and calculate Takeoff-Landing accordingly

5) you may also want to read the following solution articles to configure auto-load of PIC, SIC and PICUS time:

Different import methods

You can import your EFB data in 3 different ways

All methods require internet access. You cannot share your data with CrewLounge PILOTLOG offline.  Batch import (multiple files at a time) is not possible, you must share or email the files one-by-one.

Choose the method that is most convenient for you.  Here is an overview, the details are outlined further down in this article.

EFB Inbox

Forward your EFB emails to the dedicated CrewLounge EFB Inbox.  This method is fully automatic, no buttons to click in the app!


Read more about the EFB Inbox method below.

EFB Share

If you have installed CrewLounge PILOTLOG on the company iPad, you can push the EFB data straight from the company email to your logbook, using the EFB Share method.

You can also push the EFB data from the company iPad to your personal device via AirDrop (iOS, MacOS) or SnapDrop (Android, Windows PC) and then import the data with the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app on that device.

Read more about the EFB Share method below.


Upload the EFB data to My CrewLounge, using the Safari browser on your company iPad.  The web method is very simple.

Read more about the EFB Web method below.

How does EFB Inbox work?


It couldn't be easier:

  • forward your EFOS WEB email from the company iPad to our EFB Inbox
  • the email subject must contain "EFB - LS", or it can be left blank
  • your email is processed within 90 seconds
  • you receive an automatic confirmation email
  • the flights automatically sync to your CrewLounge PILOTLOG app

Send your EFB emails to the following dedicated EFB Inbox:


You can send emails from any email address.  However, if the Sender address is different from your CrewLounge AERO account email, you must first insert that Sender address in My CrewLounge - Roster - Airline Interface - EFB Inbox (login here).


You can configure your mailbox to automatically forward all company EFOS emails to the EFB Inbox.  Make sure to set a filter and forward only emails having "EFB - LS" in the Subject.

How does EFB Share work?

Install the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app on the company iPad, or carry out the same steps from your personal device (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac). There is no difference in the procedure.

Mail App

1) Open the EFOS email and Select All the content


Some pilots reported that "Select All" is not available on the company iPad.  If you encounter the same, then:

  • tap and hold "Journey" in the left upper corner of your email content
  • do not release your finger, instead swipe (drag) down to the bottom of the email content

2)  Next, press "Share"

3) Select CrewLounge PILOTLOG from the app list

4)  The CrewLounge PILOTLOG app opens.  Press the CONVERT vutton to process your EFB data.

How does EFB Web work?

If you are unable to forward company emails or share data, you may want to use the EFB Web method.  This method is very simple:

On the company iPad

1) Grab and copy the body content of the EFB email to the clipboard

2) Open Safari and login to My CrewLounge (login here)

3) Go to Roster - Upload Roster 

4) Select EFB - EFOS for the 'Type of Roster File' item on the right, and complete the other fields, such as your Home Base.

5) Paste the EFB data from your clipboard in the text box and press the CONVERT button

To import multiple reports, press the CLEAR button and repeat steps 1) and 5) for the next trip.

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