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Modified on Sat, 05 Nov 2022 at 01:17 PM

Pilots using International Flight Support (IFS) EFBOne can now import EFB flight data straight in their logbook, with a single click of the button.  Currently we support the following airlines:

  • Atlantic Airways
  • Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras
  • Enter Air
  • Icelandair
  • Loganair
  • SmartLynx
  • Zimex

If your company is not listed, please do contact us (here).

For these companies, we also offer an import function to retrieve your scheduled roster from the crew web portal. We therefore advise pilots the following work method:

  • download your planned roster with the online interface for your company in the CrewLounge CONNECT app
  • import your actual flight data from the IFS EFB interface in the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app

When you download your roster with CrewLounge CONNECT, the events will also show up in your CrewLounge PILOTLOG logbook. You can turn-off Event Sharing in My CrewLounge - Roster - Airline Interface  (here).

How to import from IFS?

You can install CrewLounge PILOTLOG on any company of personal device.

Proceed as follows:

1- configure your CrewLounge PILOTLOG app
2- forward the email or share the PDF file from IFS

How to configure PILOTLOG?

Open the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app:

1) on the Settings - Airline page, select the interface IFS EFB for your company

  • fill-out the different settings that come with this interface

2) on the same page in the Import Events section, make sure that Historical Data is turned-On for FLIGHTS 

  • if you run CrewLounge PILOTLOG on multiple devices (iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, Windows) then verify the settings on ALL your devices (just to make sure that everything got synched)
  • this interface cannot generate a DUTY around the FLIGHT as the data is received and processed flight-by-flight.  If you record Duties in CrewLounge PILOTLOG, you must manually create the DUTY on the Duty page.

3) on the Pilot List page, edit pilot SELF and insert your company ID number or lettercode as Employee ID

  • omitting this step may result in your name and Pilot SELF both being listed on the same flight.  Continue with this article (read here) to clean-up your logs.

4) on the Settings - Flight Logging page, verify AUTO LOAD TASK 

  • The task PF (Pilot Flying) / PNF-PM (Pilot Monitoring) is taken from the Landing Pilot. Select the option "Airline / EFB".
  • the combination of PF/PM with night time will set Takeoff/Landing Day/Night.  Enable Automatic Night Time calculation on the Settings - Flight Logging page and select the calculation method in line with your aviation regulations.

5) you may also want to read the following solution articles to configure auto-load of function times:

How to import the PDF file?

You can import your EFB data in 3 different ways

All methods require internet access. You cannot share your data with CrewLounge PILOTLOG offline.  Batch import (multiple files at a time) is not possible, you must share or email the files one-by-one.

Choose the method that is most convenient for you.  Here is an overview, the details are outlined further down in this article.

EFB Inbox

Forward the email with PDF attachment to the dedicated CrewLounge EFB Inbox.  This method is fully automatic, no buttons to click!


Read more about the EFB Inbox method below.

EFB Share

Share the PDF file (email attachment) to the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app, installed on the same device.

Read more about the EFB Share method below.


Upload the PDF file to My CrewLounge, using any web browser.  The web method is useful for company iPads that don't allow installing third-party apps and/or sending emails outside of the corporate domain.

Read more about the EFB Web method below.

How does EFB Inbox work?

You receive an automatic email from IFS after each flight.  Forward the email with PDF attachment to our dedicated EFB Inbox:

  • the email subject can be just anything or can be left blank
  • your email is processed within 2 minutes
  • you receive an automatic confirmation email within 2 minutes
  • the flights automatically sync to your CrewLounge PILOTLOG app

Send your emails with PDF attachment to the following dedicated EFB Inbox:  


Replace XXX with the 3-letter ICAO code from your company
e.g.  efb.ice  |  efb.azu  | ...

You can send emails from any email address.  However, if the Sender address is different from your CrewLounge AERO account email, you must first insert that Sender address in My CrewLounge - Roster - Airline Interface - EFB Inbox (login here).

Automatic forwarding

You may want to setup automatic forwarding of your emails.  Make sure to create a rule that will only forward the EFB emails.  Should you accidentally forward other emails, these will be automatically skipped and deleted.

Here are some online solutions how to configure your mail app to auto-forward emails:

How does EFB Share work?

Use this method when you like to share the PDF from the Mail app to the Crewlounge PILOTLOG app, installed on the same device.

1) Open the PDF attachment from the automatic email that you receive after the flight

2) Press the Share icon 

3) Select the Import to PILOTLOG item

4) The CrewLounge PILOTLOG app opens

  • confirm the file sharing
  • press the CONVERT button 

How does EFB Web work?

As a third method, you can use the EFB Web method and upload your PDF file to My CrewLounge, as follows:

1) Save the PDF attachment from the automatic email that you receive after the flight to your device

  • on the PDF file, press the Share/Export icon
  • select the Save to Files option, and save the PDF file

2) Navigate to My CrewLounge - My Roster

  • launch any web browser
  • login to My CrewLounge (login here)

3) Import the PDF file

  • select EFB - IFS as 'Type of Roster File'
  • complete the other fields, such as your Home Base 
  • tap on Browse and select your saved PDF file
  • press the CONVERT button

To import multiple flights, press the CLEAR button and repeat step 3).

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