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CrewLounge is part of Aviovision NV, the company behind AvioBookPilots using the AvioBook Flight EFB can now import their digital flight data directly into their personal pilot logbook.

Planned Roster

  • Sabre, AIMS, iFlight, NetLine, ...

CrewLounge AERO imports crew rosters from more than 600 airlines and 140 different crew resource management tools. This feature is more convenient for the CrewLounge CONNECT calendar roster app, and can also be used by cabin crew in your airline.

Read more about the various functions (such as Roster Share, Chat) of CrewLounge CONNECT on the website (here).

Historical Data

  • AvioBook Flight

Pilots can retrieve the flight journey log from AvioBook Flight straight into CrewLounge PILOTLOG

For pilots, the recommend way to go is:

  • download your planned roster from the airline crew portal with our CrewLounge CONNECT roster app
  • import your EFB data from AvioBook with our CrewLounge PILOTLOG logbook app

When you download your roster with CrewLounge CONNECT, the events will also show up in your CrewLounge PILOTLOG logbook. You can turn-off Event Sharing in My CrewLounge - Roster - Airline Interface  (here).

How to import AvioBook Flight?

You can install CrewLounge PILOTLOG on the company iPad, or you can use your personal device (iOS, Android).  


Open the CrewLounge PILOTLOG mobile app:

1) on the Settings - Airline page, select the new interface AvioBook EFB for your airline

  • fill-out the different settings that come with this interface
  • use the login credentials for AvioBook

2) on the same page in the Import Events section, make sure that Historical Data is turned On for FLIGHTS (and optionally also DUTY)  

  • if you run CrewLounge PILOTLOG on multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC) then verify the settings on ALL your devices (just to make sure that everything got synched)

3) on the Pilot List page, edit pilot SELF and insert your Employee ID as used in AvioBook.

  • omitting this step may result in your name and Pilot SELF both being listed on the same flight.  Continue with this solution article "SELF and My Name showing double" (read here) to clean-up your logs.

4) on the Settings - Flight Logging page, select AUTO LOAD TASK = "from Airline interface / EFB" 

  • this setting allows to retrieve PF/PM from the EFB and calculate Takeoff-Landing accordingly
  • PF / PM (PNF) data may not be available for your airline - depending on the configuration

5) you may also want to read the following solution articles to configure auto-load of PIC, SIC and PICUS time:


Go to the Airline page of the CrewLounge PILOTLOG mobile app.  In the HISTORICAL DATA section:

1) select the date range From-Until
2) press "Download my Data"

The airline interface connects to AvioBook and retrieves your EFB Journey Logs. Which data is imported depends on the company configuration of your AvioBook forms. All data that you see on the forms, is transmitted to your personal logbook.

This EFB interface requires AvioBook Base Server 22.3 with your airline.
Contact us for assistance.

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