Emirates crew can import flight schedules through the FOIP and FTR airline interfaces :


Download your planned roster and historical data straight from the Emirates FOIP webportal.  The interface retrieves all events from your roster, including simulator training, ground duties and off-days.

Pilots reported that the aircraft registration appears often missing for historical flights.  This issue is inherent to the FOIP webportal, this is out of our control.  As a workaround, import the FTR file (see below).

Training Codes are being processed by CrewLounge and converted into Instructor & Examiner time.

The FOIP interface is available from the mobile apps only. 


Download your FLIGHT CREW RECORDS - Flight Time Report (FTR) excel XLS sheet from the Emirates FOIP webportal, and save the file to your desktop or mobile.

Next, use the off-line import function from CrewLounge PILOTLOG (desktop) to import the XLS file.  You could also "share" the file with the mobile app.

This FTR file provides the following flight data :

  • aircraft model and registration number
  • pilot names (no cabin crew)
  • training codes (instructor time, examiner time)
  • task PF/PM (pilot flying, pilot monitoring)
  • relief hours (block time)

The FTR contains flight data only, it does not contain historical data for simulator or other ground duties.

Combine FOIP with FTR

You can combine any interface (FOIP and FTR) on any device (mobile and desktop) in any app (CONNECT - PILOTLOG) in any order (first / next)...  All data is seamlessly exchanged with other apps on all platforms!

We suggest the following combination :

  • CrewLounge CONNECT mobile app :
    • download your Planned Roster using the FOIP online interface - Planned Roster
    • export events to the external calendar on your phone

  • CrewLounge PILOTLOG mobile app :
    • download Historical Data using the FOIP online interface - Historical Data, to retrieve actual block hours and simulator data

  • CrewLounge PILOTLOG desktop program :
    • download the FTR file from FOIP
    • import the FTR file using the off-line airline interface in order to complete your logbook with aircraft registration, PF/PM and Relief hours.

Any other combination will also work.  Choose whatever solution works best for you!