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How to download your roster from FOIP

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How to import your FTR

Download your FLIGHT CREW RECORDS - Flight Time Report (FTR) excel XLS sheet from the Emirates FOIP web portal, and save the file to your desktop or mobile.

Next, use the off-line import function from CrewLounge PILOTLOG (desktop) to import the XLS file.  You could also "share" the file with the mobile app.

This FTR file provides the following flight data :

  • aircraft model and registration number
  • pilot names (no cabin crew)
  • training codes (instructor time, examiner time)
  • task PF/PM (pilot flying, pilot monitoring)
  • relief hours (block time - stick time)

The FTR contains flight data only, it does not contain historical data for simulator or other ground duties.

Stick Time

Stick time is automatically converted into Relief time, as follows : 

  1. CrewLounge PILOTLOG considers Relief Time the time that you are not at the controls (thus, actually the opposite of Stick Time)
  2. on the Flight Config page, enable the field Relief Time
  3. on the Tables - Aircraft page, select Autoload Relief for all EK aircraft (you can use the mass-edit function on the desktop to set this property for all aircraft)
  4. when importing your FTR flight time records, the Relief Time field is automatically set to Block Time - Stick Time

To monitor your stick time, create a Flight Time Limit rule on the desktop and select "without Relief Time":


Do not setup a User Time field to monitor stick time.  If you have setup a User Time field (as was recommend by us in the past), you can proceed as follows to migrate hours from the User Time field to the Relief Time field: 

  1. on the desktop, go to the Tools - Helpdesk Support page
  2. drop the following code in the Run Action box and press Execute
  3. EKST=1/20200101


  • "1" refers to the User Field ID that you had created for Stick Time (range 1 to 4)
  • "20200101" is the Date (YYYYMMDD) from and after which you want apply the migration

This action will migrate your Stick Time from the User Time field to the Relief Time field as non-stick time.

Here is a sample:

Total Time = 11 hours
PICUS Time = 3 hours
Co-Pilot Time = 3 hours
Stick Time (user time 4) = 6 hours


Total Time = 11 hours
PICUS Time = 3 hours
Co-Pilot Time = 3 hours
Relief Time = 5 hours (that is Total Time minus Stick Time)

After running this action, go to the Settings - App General page and disable User Time (stick time).  You do no longer need this user field.

You may also want to read the following solution articles to configure auto-load of function time:

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