Pilots at RYANAIR and BUZZ can use any of the following 3 methods to import flights :

Planned Roster

  • CrewDock (off-line OCR):  import your planned roster from CrewDock 

This solution is more convenient for the calendar roster app CrewLounge CONNECT and is also available to cabin crew. Read more about the various functions (such as Roster Share, Chat) of CrewLounge CONNECT on the website (here).

Select the CrewDock OCR interface from the desktop or mobile app Settings - Airline Interface page. Continue reading (here).

Historical Data

  • Netline (off-line):   download your flying history from the crewroom terminals

Download your historical data from the crewroom terminal as PDF, and import the PDF with CrewLounge PILOTLOG.  

Select the Netline/Crewlink interface from the desktop or mobile app Settings - Airline Interface page.  Share your PDF with the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app, or upload your PDF through My CrewLounge (here).

  • PilotApp (efb):  import your Voyage Report

Import your "verified flights" EFB emails straight in your logbook.  Select the EFB (solution 1) or the RYR EFB PDF (solution 2) interface from the desktop or mobile app Settings - Airline Interface page.  

Continue reading this page for details and instructions.

All interfaces

Make sure to enable these options on the Settings - Airline Interface page, according to your preferences:

PilotApp EFB

Every month, we process thousands of EFB emails for Ryanair pilots.  Flight data from the Ryanair PilotApp goes straight into your personal pilot logbook with a few clicks of the button.

  UPDATE SEP 2020  

Ryanair has restricted sending emails from your company iPad.  As from September 2020 you can no longer forward your EFB emails to external accounts.  This includes your private email account (Hotmail, Gmail, outlook) and any other 3rd party email address (crewlounge.aero, etc.).

Webmail workaround

As a workaround, you can manually copy-paste the content of the EFB emails from the iPad Mail app to your personal mail account through webmail. Send to the CrewLounge EFB Inbox.  

Several pilots reported that accessing webmail from the company iPad is being blocked.  Other pilots reported that webmail is only blocked when using the crewroom WIFI network or the 3G/4G data connection, but webmail remains available when connecting the iPad to a private WIFI network.  You can give it a try at home.

Other Solutions

We have worked out two alternative solutions for you:

1) Office 365

    • forward your EFB mails to the CrewLounge EFB Inbox using your private email account

2) Share as PDF

    • convert the EFB emails to PDF, and upload or share that PDF with CrewLounge 

Take the solution that is best for you.  You find all details below.

Solution 1 - Office 365


  • receive company emails on your private phone (iOS, Android) or computer (macOS, Windows PC)
  • forward company EFB emails with your private email account to the CrewLounge EFB Inbox


How to configure Outlook Office 365 and forward emails

Follow the instructions from this PDF document:  

CrewLounge EFB Inbox

Send your EFB emails to the following dedicated address:

Do not use the EFB Inbox for any other purpose. The inbox is monitored against abuse and protected against malware.  You cannot use that email address to contact CrewLounge SUPPORT.

You do not get any confirmation-of-receipt message when sending EFB emails to the CrewLounge EFB Inbox.


In the PILOTLOG desktop or mobile app, select the Ryanair or Buzz  EFB interface on the Settings - Airline Interface page.  There are various interfaces for Ryanair and Buzz, make sure to select the correct one!

Insert your Employee ID (6 letter code) on the Airline page (desktop app) or on the Settings - Airline Interface page (mobile app)

And then, just hit the Start button (desktop app) / the Retrieve my EFB data button (mobile app) :

Email Notes

  • it may take up to 15 minutes before your EFB emails are processed and become available for download in the PILOTLOG app
  • PILOTLOG does not have a dedicated field for all items of the EFB Voyage Report.  For instance, PILOTLOG has a "Pax" field, but no fields for Adult-Child-Infant.  The remaining data is therefore stored in the Flight Report section of PILOTLOG. 


Make sure that the entire header of the original email message is included, as shown here :

The header must include your 6-letter code in format ABCDEF@ryrefb.com in the "To:" field

Line Training

The EFB Voyage Report does not include information about line training.  

Insert the following Keyword  LOG  on flight(s) with line training, followed by any of the following words : LTC / TRI / TRE / CHECK / PICUS


        You can even combine more functions with a slash, like LOG:LTC/CHECK

PILOTLOG will then parse the LOG code as follows :

  • LTC and TRI populate the Instructor time field 
  • CHECK and TRE will populate the Examiner time field
  • PICUS will populate the PICus time field

Notes :

  • the code must be inserted below FlightNumber and prior to Captains Remarks
  • you have to insert the code on all (each) flights for the day with line training
  • do not use the keyword LOG for other functions, like PIC or SIC time.  For that, use the default Autoload logic

Solution 2 - Share as PDF

This method is a bit more cumbersome, but it works well without any email, and you can already prepare the PDF during the cruise phase of flight. 


  • on the company iPad, convert the EFB email to PDF
  • 2a) from the company iPad, upload the PDF to My CrewLounge (web)
  • or 2b) airdrop and share the PDF from your company iPad to your personal device (iOS - Android), on which you run the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app.  Share the PDF with the app.

How to create and share PDF

The video below explains how to create a PDF from your EFB email and how to share the PDF.  Next, use technique 2a) or 2b) to share the PDF with CrewLounge.

2a) Upload PDF to My CrewLounge

Use the "Save to Files" option (as shown in the video) and save your PDF in a dedicated folder on your company iPad.  Next:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your company iPad
  2. Navigate to My CrewLounge (login here)
  3. Select the Ryanair or Buzz RYR EFB PDF interface
  4. Upload your PDF file

There are various interfaces for Ryanair and Buzz, make sure to select the correct one!

Your EFB PDF file is processed instantly.  Flights shows up in the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app as soon as you sync the device with CrewLounge Cloud.

2b) Share PDF with CrewLounge PILOTLOG

Ryanair does not allow the installation of 3rd party apps on the company iPad.  So, after creating the PDF file, you'll have to copy the PDF file to another device on which you run the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app.

Use AirDrop to copy the file from the company iPad to any other iOS or macOS device.  Use SnapDrop or ShareDrop to copy the file to an Android or MS Windows device.  Read how in this solution article (here).

Select the Ryanair or Buzz RYR EFB PDF interface on the app Settings - Airline Interface page.

Once the PDF is on the other device, use the Share With function (mobile app) - Browse function (desktop app) to share the PDF with the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app.  CrewLounge PILOTLOG requires internet access to process the PDF file.

 Video Tutorial