Pilots at RYANAIR can use any of the following 3 methods to import flights :

  • CrewDock :  PILOTLOG connects straight to the CrewDock portal and imports your Published and Planned Roster

  • Netline : download your historical data in the crew-room and have PILOTLOG import the PDF

  • EFB data :  forward your EFB email to our Ryanair EFB Inbox for automatic import into your pilot logbook (read here ).


Pilots and Cabin Crew can import the Published and Planned Roster straight from CrewDock.  Select the Ryanair - CrewDock interface from the Settings - Airlines page and hit the Get my Roster button on the Download page.

  UPDATE SEP 2019  

Ryanair has shutdown CrewDock and released a new eCrew portal in combination with the new eCrew mobile app.

The company also published a Memorandum that prohibits the sharing of login credentials with 3rd party apps. We (must) respect your company's memo.

Although technically able to do so, we will not build a solution to import your roster from the new eCrew portal. Although other 3rd party apps do so, we refrain from unauthorized access.

We regret the inconveniences this is causing to you. Please understand that we cannot be held responsible (and cannot refund).

The new Print Roster function is currently not usable, as it generates a poor quality image. For reliable data sharing, we need a real PDF (converting the image into PDF is no option, that is still an image then).  Contact your company through Pilot / Cabin Query Online or Fleet Tweet to deliver a real PDF, not a poor resolution image.