Crew members flying at RYANAIR can use any of the following 3 methods to import flights :

  • eCrew (OCR) :  grab your roster from eCrew, and import with CrewLounge AERO

  • Netline (PDF) : download historical flight records in the crewroom, and import with CrewLounge PILOTLOG

  • EFB (Email) :  forward your EFB email to our Ryanair EFB Inbox, and import with CrewLounge PILOTLOG  

eCrew OCR

Note :  We are technically able to retrieve your roster straight from eCrew, as we do for 400 other airlines.  However, we refrain from doing so, since that would be considered "unauthorized access". We contacted Ryanair with a request to become a trusted partner, but there was never any reply. Should you have any contacts with the ICT department, please help us.

You can import your roster with our OCR interface, as follows:

Desktop (Windows / Mac)

Config :

  • Launch CrewLounge PILOTLOG desktop program
  • On the Settings - Airline Interface page, select Ryanair eCrew (OCR)

Import :

  1. Login to Ryanair My-eCrew web portal, and navigate to your current roster
  2. Right-mouse click the roster and Save Image/Picture to your computer (.jpg / .jpeg / .jfif / .png)
  3. Launch CrewLounge PILOTLOG and go to the Airline page
  4. Click the Browse button and select the roster image that you had downloaded

Mobile (iOS / Android)

Config :

  • Launch CrewLounge PILOTLOG or CONNECT app
  • On the Settings - Airline Interface page, select Ryanair eCrew (OCR)

Import :

  1. Login to Ryanair My-eCrew web portal, and navigate to your current roster
  2. Long-tap the roster and Add to Photos (*)
  3. In the Photo Gallery, select the roster and press Share With
  4. Share the image with PILOTLOG or CONNECT app

(*) you may skip image save, and immediately select "Share With", if that option is available on your phone or tablet


You must be aware that OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is never a faultless computer science!  You may compare OCR with an old pilot (like myself...) reading a newspaper without reading glasses.    

The roster image produced by eCrew is of very poor quality, and the grey colored watermark in the background is added to deliberately complicate optical character recognition.  Even the human eye has difficulties with reading some of the lines on this image. 

CrewLounge AERO uses a powerful OCR engine. We coded complex algorithms to correct for scanning errors, and we added multiple verification rules to ensure high quality results.  Currently, our eCrew OCR interface reaches a 97,5% success rate, 1,4% 'not sure' and 1,1% 'unreadable'.  The latter two trigger an error notification to draw your attention.

You must understand that we can never reach 100% success.  By using the OCR interface you understand and you agree that we cannot be held responsible for any errors in your roster, including missing duties, wrong hours, wrong roster codes, and wrong airfield codes.  Being pilots ourselves, we are aware of the impact such errors have on your job.  We have therefore added several verification rules to guarantee proper scanning results.

What to do in case of errors?

Any doubtful or unreadable event on your roster triggers an "OCR Error" in CrewLounge CONNECT or CrewLounge PILOTLOG.  Review the duty.  If the import is correct, you may ignore the OCR Error message.  Should the error become nuisance, contact us.

You can manually add, edit and delete records on your roster through My CrewLounge - My Roster (login here).

Your feedback is very welcome, and enables us to further improve the OCR interface. Should you notice any error in your roster that did not trigger an OCR Error notification, please contact us immediately!

Netline PDF

Download your historical flight records from the crewroom PC network.  Forward the PDF to your private computer via email or USB memory stick.

In CrewLounge PILOTLOG, select the Ryanair Netline PDF interface from the Settings - Airline Interface page.  Import the PDF through the Airline page of the desktop or mobile apps.

EFB Voyage Report

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