This solution applies to CrewLounge PILOTLOG but may also apply to CrewLounge CONNECT app.

PILOTLOG requires all flights to be logged with SELF.  Pilot SELF is hardcoded in the database when you install the software.  Do not add your own name to the Pilot list.

When downloading the roster from your airline Crew Web portal, the airline interface is spotting for your name on the crew list.  When found, the name is automatically converted into Pilot SELF.  Depending on the system used by your airline, PILOTLOG may not be able to recognize your name.

e.g.  your name is Neil John Armstrong, but your roster shows ARMSTRONG, Neil

If your name is not found on the roster, the interface will automatically add Pilot SELF to the flight crew list.  As a result, the flight may show SELF and Your Name.

Do the following steps :

          1) On the Tables - Pilot page, press the Merge Pilots button. Select and merge :

Pilot A (SELF)  with  Pilot B (your name)

  • this action removes your name from the database
  • it will also drop your name in the Roster Alias Name of Pilot SELF (*)

          2) On the Tools - Help Desk page, Execute the following command  from the Run Action box :


  • this action clears all double SELF registrations on all flights as simulators, as follows :

           3) Should Function time be logged wrong (e.g. you are captain, but function time was logged as co-pilot), then mass-edit all records and transfer co-pilot time to captain time or opposite.  Read more about mass edit in this solution :

(*)  Insert your roster alias on the Tables - Pilots list in CrewLounge PILOTLOG :

And also online in My.CrewLounge :

Flight Logging

All flights must be logged with Pilot SELF

Logbook Printing

All logbooks are default printed with Pilot SELF.

By selecting "Print my name instead of SELF" on the Logbook - Logbook Format page, the logbook is printed with your name.  Your name is taken from your User License, as shown on the Settings - Private Data page.