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CrewLounge AERO imports your roster from NavBlue Aviolinx - RAIDO

Online Interface

 SUSPENDED 2024/06 


Off-line Interface

Use the CrewLounge AERO off-line interface to import achieved flight data from RAIDO, as follows :

  1. login to the RAIDO Aviolinx main web portal 
  2. navigate to Views (not Editors !) – Human Resource – Performed Roster Report
  3. select the date range (this can include historical and planned)
  4. press the Run button to display your performed activities
  5. click the Save button and select the Data File option

Verify that the Export Settings show as follows :

You can import the CSV file through the CrewLounge PILOTLOG desktop app or via My CrewLounge (here).  Before doing so, please continue to read this solution article to the bottom!

The following flight data is imported from the CSV file: 

  • Actual block hours
  • Task PF/PM (based on landing pilot)
  • Pilot Names (*see PILOT SELF)
  • Crew List
  • Aircraft Registration

Pilot SELF

CrewLounge PILOTLOG requires that all flights are logged with Pilot SELF.  

In order to recognize your name, you must insert your "Roster Name" in Pilot SELF prior to importing the CSV file:

Omitting this step causes "SELF" and "your name" showing both in flight records.  Continue with the following solution article to clean up the doubles: 

Date Validation Failed

Unfortunately RAIDO is exporting your records with incomplete dates!  The Year is not listed, and in some files the Month is also missing.  Here are a few samples:

If the month is listed (sample on the left), CrewLounge PILOTLOG is able to reproduce the Year, assuming that the Year is inside a window from today until maximum 5 years back.  This works fine, given you try to import recent records.  If you try to import older records (beyond the 5 year window), date reproduction goes wrong.  You must manually add the Year and Month to avoid this.

If the month is missing (sample on the right), CrewLounge PILOTLOG cannot reproduce Month / Year and returns a "Date Validation Failed" error.

How to resolve?

  • open the file with Excel, Calc or another spreadsheet application
  • insert the Year and Month in cells A1 and B1
  • close and save the file

If you do not have a spreadsheet application installed on your computer, you can as well open the CSV file with a simple Text Editor, like Notepad (Windows) - TextEdit (Mac).  Open the file and write year and month in the first row.  Make sure to use the semi-colon place holder!

The Year and Month must coincide with the first record in the file, even if the file covers more than one month of data.

CrewLounge PILOTLOG will grab the Year and Month from cells A1 and B1, and run a last validation on the combination.  In the screenshot here above, the combination 2020, 7 and 01 Wed is valid.  A combination like 2020, 8 and 01 Wed would return error "Date Validation Failed", because the first day of August 2020 was a Saturday, and not a Wednesday.


We have submitted a request to Aviolinx to improve the output of their Data File, but there was no answer.  Should you be in contact with Aviolinx, please ask them to export dates in full.

Autoload PIC, SIC, PICUS

You may also want to read the following solution articles to configure auto-load of PIC, SIC and PICUS time:

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