CrewLounge AERO imports your roster from Aviolinx - RAIDO

Online Interface

The CrewLounge AERO online interface connects to the Aviolinx RAIDO Mobile portal and retrieves all events from your scheduled roster.


For pilots, the RAIDO Mobile portal does not display actual flight times, only planned flight times. There is no aircraft registration either. Crew are listed by their 3letter code. You can manually edit all pilot names on the Tables – Pilots page with CrewLounge PILOTLOG

Off-line Interface

Use the CrewLounge AERO off-line interface to import achieved flight data from RAIDO, as follows :

  1. login to the RAIDO Aviolinx main web portal 
  2. navigate to Views (not Editors !) – Human ResourcePerformed Roster Report
  3. select the date range (this can include historical and planned)
  4. press the Run button to display your performed activities
  5. click the Save button and select the Data File option

Verify that the Export Settings show as follows :

You can now import the CSV file, either through the CrewLounge PILOTLOG desktop app, or through My CrewLounge (here).

The following flight data is imported : 

  • Actual block hours
  • Task PF/PM (based on landing pilot)
  • Crew List (drop your name “as printed” in the Roster Name field for Pilot SELF :  e.g. BARNES,James or BARNES James)
  • Aircraft Registration