Unfortunately we receive this call every day...!   But with the new CrewLounge PILOTLOG all users have a backup to CrewLounge Cloud Server.

Follow these steps to recover your flight records on the new hard disk :

1)  Download and run the Installer Package for Windows PC or Mac OS

2.  Open PILOTLOG and login with your CrewLounge Account, it should automatically recognize your license (no need to input it manually)

3.  Your records are save in the cloud and should automatically restore

Manual Backup Restore

If needed, you can manually restore your backup, as follows :

  • Go to Tools - Backup Database page
  • Under Restore Backup, click on Browse
  • Select Backup from CrewLounge Cloud Server 
  • Or, click the Browse button to select a local backup file
  • Finally, click Install Backup

Depending on the Edition (STD, PRO, ENT, ENT+) you run, we store 1 or multiple backups on CrewLounge AERO.   Read more about the number of backups for each plan on the website :  Pricing