How to Start-Over (delete / clear database)

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How it works

Your logbook records for CrewLounge PILOTLOG are safely stored in the cloud database on the CrewLounge AERO Cloud Server.  This database contains all records and a copy of all images (pilot pictures, endorsement signatures, expense notes, etc.).  

From there, your records are synchronized towards the local database on each device (mobile and desktop) where you run the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app.  The local database enables you to using the logbook app off-line, when there is no internet connection available.

Synchronization between the main and local database is automatic.  Whenever you add, edit or delete a record on any of the devices, the changes are automatically synchronized with the main database on CrewLounge Cloud, and from there the changes (including images) go to all your other devices.

CrewLounge Cloud Main Database

You can look-up the number of records and total hours stored in the main Database through My CrewLounge - Apps - PILOTLOG. (login here)  Whenever you notice a discrepancy between any of the devices, this would be the best starting point to investigate your totals.

Resetting the Database

Before you reset your database, you must first determine what exactly you want to achieve.  We are listing the best solution for different cases:

I - My Device got stolen / My Hard Disk got broken

No stress, your logbook records are safe. You do not need any backup!    

Simply install the CrewLounge PILOTLOG application on your new device, and insert your CrewLounge AERO account.  That's it ! All database records and all images will automatically sync from the main database to your new device.  On initial start, it may take a bit of time for the data to be downloaded


We recommend to reset your password for your CrewLounge AERO account (reset here).  If you do not remember your password, than use the Forgot Password function (here).  We also recommend to delete the stolen device, or actually just all devices, from your device list (delete here).  This will lockout the app on the stolen device, and also force a new login on all other devices.

II - I want to delete a bunch of records, but not all

Use the Mass-Edit function on the Flights page or the Tables page to mass-edit or mass-delete records from the desktop.

The records are deleted from the desktop local database.  The delete-command propagates automatically to CrewLounge Cloud to delete records from the main database.  And from there it continues further to all other devices.

III - The Local Database on my device is missing a few records

On the device that does have the missing records, go to the Sync Cloud - Reset Database page and force a new upload from the device local database to the cloud main database.  Next, sync the device where the records are missing.

On the device that is missing the records, you can also force a new download from the cloud main database to the device local database through the same page.

IV - The Local Database on my device is completely messed-up

Login (here) to My CrewLounge - Apps - PILOTLOG to verify your total hours stored in your CrewLounge Cloud Database.  If the records in the main database are healthy, you can clear the records from the local database as follows :

Mobile Phone / Tablet :

  • delete the entire app 
  • download and install from the application store (here)
  • on restart, the mobile app will automatically sync all data from the CrewLounge Cloud main database

Desktop / Laptop :

  • delete the logbook app (*)
  • re-install the logbook app (*)  (here)
  • on restart, the desktop application will automatically sync all data from the CrewLounge Cloud main database

(*) on the desktop, installation requires 2 modules (Windows |  Gtk#, PILOTLOG app) or 3 modules (Mac | MONO, Quartz, PILOTLOG app).  You only need to delete and re-install the latter one (PILOTLOG app).  You do not need to delete and re-install the framework modules (Gtk#, MONO, Quartz)

V - I want to erase the entire database and start-over with an empty logbook

To start-over, you must complete the steps in this order:

  1. first delete all local apps from the mobile and desktop devices
  2. erase the cloud database (read further)
  3. after step 2 is completed, re-install the apps (see guidelines in item IV here above)

To erase the main database in CrewLounge Cloud :

  • login to My CrewLounge - Apps - PILOTLOG (here)
  • in the Database frame, press the CLEAR DATABASE button 

You can now start logging new records.  Or, you can import your records from another logbook, including your migration from mccPILOTLOG.  You find the steps and some images in this solution article.

VI - I want to erase the entire database and restore a backup

We keep backups for all pilots using CrewLounge PILOTLOG, including the free Student Edition.  The number of backups depend on your plan (read here). Read more about making backups in the User Guide page 140 (here).

To reset the entire database on all devices and the cloud, you must proceed with the following steps:

  1. do all steps from item V here above (including CLEAR DATABASE)
  2. restore your backup, as follows:
  • login to My CrewLounge - Apps - PILOTLOG (here)
  • press the Restore icon in the Backups list

All records will then sync from the main database in the cloud to your mobile and desktop devices.

VII - I want to use the app with another account

Logging-out from the app and logging-in with another account, messes-up the local database with records from two different accounts.  This will also mess-up the main database on CrewLounge Cloud.  This explains why you do not find a "logout" function in the local apps.  You cannot change the user account email address that is linked to your app.

In the event that you like to use the app with another user account, you must delete the app and re-install.  Follow the steps outlined here above (item IV).

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