Use the multiselect method to mass-edit records, or mass-deleteMultiselect is available on the Flights and Query page and the Tables - Aircraft / Pilots page.  

The logic is similar to using a typical spreadsheet application :

  1. click on the first record you want to edit, or delete
  2. hold-down the SHIFT key on your Windows keyboard / CMD key for macOS Users, and click on the last record  (this highlights all records between both selected records)
  3. or, hold-down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click on any record (to pick certain records only)
  4. then, click on the Edit button below the grid to mass-edit all records
  5. or, the Delete button to mass-delete all selected records

   Video Tutorial   

The following Video Tutorial demonstrates the mass-edit function :

  1. How to mass edit Flight records in the database
  2. How to mass edit Aircraft and Pilots in the database

(video to be delivered - meanwhile, you can refer to this older video :   )