Hiding functions with a Pin Code

Modified on Sat, 09 Oct 2021 at 08:28 AM

You must be a registered user with CrewLounge AERO to use the apps and online portal.  You must login with a login and password to connect with any of the services.  You can add an additionally layer of privacy inside the apps with a secret pin code.

Login / Password

Your account with CrewLounge AERO is password protected.  You need to insert your email address and password to access the online portal My CrewLounge and to connect with mobile apps, like CrewLounge PILOTLOG, CONNECT, FRIENDS and others.

As with most other modern websites that require a secure login, the connection remains valid for a couple of hours up to a couple of days, as per design. That way, you do not need to login every time again, each time you launch the mobile app or you access the online web-portal.  The connection will time-out when the app or portal is not used for a certain time.

Continue here to reset your password :  Forgot Password

Pin Code

On request of customers, that are in need of more discretion, we have implemented a second layer of privacy.  You can lock certain functions inside the app with an additional 4 digit pin code.


Any person having access to your phone may be able open the CrewLounge AERO apps, but cannot access functions or pages that are locked with a pin code.  The pin code is required every time again.

Here is an overview of the functions and pages that you can lock or hide :

CrewLounge AppFunctionInfo


Hide the Chat page behind a Pin Code
Roster Share
Hide some or all colleagues for Roster Share behind a Pin Code







A single pin code is shared across all CrewLounge AERO apps that you use. You enable locking on the Settings page inside each app, on each device where you require more discretion.

Continue here to reset your pin code :    Secret Pin

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