How to share your roster with colleagues and friends

Modified on Sat, 16 Dec, 2023 at 7:00 PM

With CrewLounge CONNECT, you can share your roster with colleagues (flying in the same airline, or working for another company) and with friends (partners and family that are not flying).

You must be a Verified User to share your roster with other crew members.  Read here how to become a Verified User.

How to Share your roster with other crew?

The process is straight forward:

  1. send a request for Roster Share to another crew member
  2. your colleague must accept the request
  3. both parties can now see the roster of the other party

To send a request, press the Arrow icon next to "With a Crew Member" in the lower section of the Roster Share page in the CONNECT app:

  • select the airline of your colleague and insert the Employee ID (e.g. PBN or 48357)
  • or, insert the CrewLounge User Email account of your colleague
  • your colleague must be registered with CrewLounge CONNECT and must be a "Verified User"

Your colleague must accept the invitation for the roster share to start.


You can sort the list by tapping (hold and drag) the three-bar icon on the left side of the screen, next to the crew member photo.

Stop Sharing

To stop sharing, tap the Trash icon in the top right corner, and then tap the Trash icon of the person you want to remove from the list.

This will stop the roster sharing in both directions. Your name will be automatically removed from the other crew member's app.

Hiding a name in the list

The crew list on the Roster Share page in the CONNECT app is visible to anyone that has access to your phone.  Should you require more discretion, you can share your roster with a colleague, while hiding the name from the list.

How to hide a name?

In the web-browser of any computer or mobile device:

  1. Login to My CrewLounge - My Privacy (here)
  2. Insert a 4 digit numeric pin (at the bottom of the page)

On the Roster Share page in the CONNECT app:

  1. Press the + icon to invite your colleague for roster share
  2. As soon as your colleague has accepted the invitation, the name shows in the list
  3. Press the Padlock icon at the top of the page - this opens the Secret Share panel
  4. Press the Show icon and insert your pin code
  5. Tap the small Padlock icon next to your colleague's name (the icon colors red)
  6. Press the Hide icon

Your colleague's name is no longer visible in the list, and not in the Roster Share grid.  To view the roster of hidden colleagues, you must press the Show icon and insert the pin code.


Hiding names is a local function on your phone.  If you run the CONNECT app on different phones, you must hide the name on each device. The pin code is the same for all your devices.

Hiding a colleague on your own phone, does not hide your name on the phone of the colleague.  Should your colleague also require additional discretion, he or she must also configure the app with a pin code.  

Read more about this Secret Pin Code (here).

How to Share your roster with family and friends?

Besides exchanging your roster with colleagues, you can also share your roster with friends and family, who are not crew.

Read more on the commercial website (here) and the solution article (here).

 Video Tutorial 

This video tutorial explains how to set-up Roster Share :

Enhanced Roster Share

 DEC 2023 

We have improved roster sharing with the TODAY view and the GRID view.


The Today View shows your colleague's schedule over a 72-hour window, i.e. yesterday, today and tomorrow.

To display the Today view, simply click the Plus icon or the crew member's name.

If a flight is scheduled, click the Plus icon below the flight to display the Flight Tracking buttons. These buttons will take you to websites specialized in flight tracking, in particular / / 

Tap the map icon on the right to view the entire rotation on a map.


With the Grid View you can view your colleague's schedule beyond the 72-hour window, and compare your own schedule with that of one or more colleagues. Click the Arrow icon on the right side of the screen to open the Grid view for a colleague.

Once you are on Grid View, you can swipe left-right to go to the next colleague in the list. You can also rotate the screen of your phone or tablet into landscape mode to see multiple colleagues at the same time.

Tap on any event in the list to see more information, and to display the flights on a map.

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