Thank you for choosing CONNECT, we are happy to welcome you on board !

Download the app from your favorite App Store and run a free trial.  There is no need to register any account, you can run the DEMO without signing-up and totally free !

Simply hit the "Skip registration and let's rock" button when you start the app, and give it a try !

The free demo is limited to 20 events.  If you want to retake the trial, then delete the app and import another 20 events.  Yes... you can delete and re-install the app for the next 30 years without paying anything... but we trust you appreciate the app and you are willing to use all other awesome features, that you cannot access in the DEMO mode :

  • share your roster with friends
  • export your roster to a calendar
  • chat with colleagues
  • meet other crew in outstation for sports or dating
  • headcount 
  • rest calculator
  • history statistics

and many more features !

Video Tutorial  

VT01 - Getting started with CrewLounge CONNECT