Welcome to PILOTLOG logbook software !

Create Your Account

When you start the application for the very first time, you will be prompted to login with your CrewLounge AERO account.

If you do not yet have an account, you can register free (here).  

Once your account is created, go back to the software and login with your account to start using the app.

License Plan

By default, your plan for CrewLounge PILOTLOG is the free STD (Student) Edition. 

We recommend all pilots to first install and test our software, before you pay for any license plan.  In fact, you are welcome to continue using PILOTLOG with the free Student license, for as long as you want.  No obligations, free forever.

If you need to log more than 100 flight records, or you require additional functionalities, you can purchase the ENT or ENT+ license.  Read more on our website (here)

Software Updates

When you start the desktop software for the very first time, you must download the latest update and revisions. 

Verify your app version and latest update from the Tools - Software Updates page. After download, restart the desktop application to install the latest version.


The best place to start with PILOTLOG is the Settings page, available from the main menu.  Walk through the different Tabs and configure the software to your preferences. 

Should you need more information about certain options, simply hit the Help key to open the user guide.  The User Guide is also available here .

What's Next

You may want to continue with the following tutorials :

  Video Tutorial  

This Video Tutorial is a short introduction to the different features of the software.  The movie covers the following topics :

  1. Different devices that can be used with PILOTLOG.
  2. Different methods to input data into the logbook application
  3. Different output options that are available from PILOTLOG
  4. Different monitoring functions of the desktop software

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