How to log Previous Experience

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Previous experience (that is, your flying experience when you start using PILOTLOG can be logged any time.  There is not need to first insert your previous flying experience prior to logging new flights in the database. The order in which records are logged, is not important.


PILOTLOG offers five different ways to log pervious experience :

  • If you haven't flown too many flights, we strongly recommend to log each flight separately. This enhances query searches, reports and currency checks.

  • You can hire scanning and data entry services from specialized companies.  We do not offer this service ourselves, however, we have listed some companies on our website.

  • You can log previous experience by total block hours for each aircraft model. If you have flown 3 different aircraft models in the past, simply log 3 records in the database.  Tale a look at the video tutorial.


  • If you have been using another logbook software before, such as Log Ten Pro, Safelog, NC Logbook Pro, you can import the records from there. PILOTLOG can import data from more than 40 other logbook applications.  Export your data from the other application and submit the file through our website for conversion.


  • To import your self-made Excel sheet, continue with the following solution.

  • Professional airline pilots can import previous experience using the Airline Interface, such as AIMS, Sabre, Crewdock, FLiCA, etc. PILOTLOG can import data from more then 280 airlines worldwide !  This article explains how to use the airline interface.


You can use any method you want, and you can even mix different methods to get where you want.

Furthermore, the Exchange Table Records with a friend function allows you to import pilot names, aircraft, allowance rules and flight time limitations rules from a friend’s computer, who is also using PILOTLOG logbook software. Ask your friend to generate (export) such a file from the Tables page (the Exchange button is located in the right lower corner) and have the file e-mailed to you. You can then import the file on the same Tables page.

  Video Tutorial  

The following Video Tutorial demonstrates the different options how to insert your previous flying experience in PILOTLOG :

  1. How to import records from another electronic logbook 
  2. How to import historical flight data from the airline's Crew Web Portal 
  3. How to manually insert total time per aircraft model

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