Flight list side band colors cyan / green / brown / red ?

Modified on Wed, 18 Nov 2020 at 05:09 AM

A color band on the left side of each record indicates the Type of Event and Record Status.

There are different color codes :


Cyan color indicates a historical Flight record where all data is completed.


Purple color indicates a historical Simulator record where all data is completed



Yellow color indicates a historical Drone record where all data is completed




Brown color indicates Previous Experience.  Previous experience is logged only from the desktop Tools - Previous Experience page.

On the desktop, you can look-up previous experience time from the Tools page. Previous Experience will also show on the Query page.  

On the mobile app, press the loupe icon on the Flight List and select Previous Experience in the Date window.




Green color indicates a record in the Future (planned roster).



Red color indicates a Record (flight / sim / drone) that is not completed (some data is missing).

Typically, that would be any of the following :


  • Airfields (departure and arrival)
  • Aircraft Model & Registration (different from any default XX )
  • OUT / IN hours (*)
  • Total Time (may not be zero)
  • Function time (any PIC, PICUS, SIC, DUAL, RELIEF, INSTR, EXAM)
  • Pilot names (at least SELF and 1 other pilot must be logged)

 (*)  The airline interface compares OUT / IN hours against Scheduled hours to decide whether or not block hours are updated to actual or still planned.  

In case Scheduled hours are not available, the logic will look for rounded numbers.  In that scenario, if both the OUT and IN times end by "0" or "5" (e.g. 14:25 – 18:10), block hours are considered planned and the record colors red.  


You can clear the red color by manually editing the flight and saving the record.  On the desktop, you can use the mass-edit function to clear the red color.  


Grey color indicates a record that has "Next Page" ticked. Edit the flight to set the Next Page checkbox.  You find the checkbox on the left side of the Flight Add/Edit page (desktop only).

With the “Next Page” property set, the record is forced to print on the next page of the paper logbook, similar to a "hard page break" in a text editor.  Use the Next Page function only in case you want to manually force the print-out to move to the next page, i.e. skipping a number of lines in your paper logbook.

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