How do I become a Verified User

Modified on Thu, 19 Nov 2020 at 06:52 AM

When you register with CrewLounge AERO, your account can show Pending, Non-Verified or Verified.

Your "role" (default USER) and "status" are listed in the apps (Settings - My Account) and in My.Crewlounge :

Your account can also show Deactivated, Deleted and Blocked.  These status do no allow you to further use any of our modules.


When you register a new account with CrewLounge AERO, your account is "Pending".  

In this stage, we are running a verification on your email address.  You need to click the confirmation link in the email message that was sent to your mail inbox.

Your account moves to the next status "Non-Verified" as soon as you click the link in the email message.


In this stage, we make sure that you are actually working for the company that you have selected on the Settings - Airline page.

"Non-Verified" users cannot access pages in the app that contain company sensitive content, such as : contact information, company documents, crew profiles, licenses, etc.

Your status transitions from "Non-Verified" to "Verified"  as soon as you successfully download your first roster from the airline crew web portal.  A successful login to the company's crew portal guarantees that you are actually working for that company. 

If you do not work for an airline, or your company is not listed with CrewLounge AERO, there is no problem to using the software in the Non-Verified status.  You have access to all functions.  You can stay in this status for as long as you want.


This is the status that your account should be in, when you work for an airline.  It does however not indicate that you have access to the applications.  For that, you need an active paid license!

User License

Each module in the CrewLounge AERO suite comes with its own pricing plan.  You need an active subscription for each separate module.  

To purchase your personal user license, you can either purchase the license straight in the app from the App Store.  Or, you can purchase a license from our website Order page.  

If the license is paid by your company, you need to send a "request to join" an organization...  Detailed instructions will be given by your organization administrator.

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