ADS-B Live Data

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CrewLounge PILOTLOG retrieves live flight information through various ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) and ASDI (Aircraft Situation Display to Industry) data sources.

Tap the ADS-B button on the Flight Add/Edit page to open the ADS-B Live Data page.  If you do not see that button, activate ADS-B from the Settings – Flight Logging page. ADS-B is not available from the desktop app.

As soon as you reach the gate after landing, you can retrieve actual OOOI (OUT/OFF/ON/IN) hours, scheduled hours and aircraft model & registration for your flight.  Simply hit the Get ADS-B button and all hours go straight in your logbook!

Important Notes:

  • You can run CrewLounge PILOTLOG in UTC, LOCAL or BASE time mode.  To access the ADS-B network, the date must be UTC.  If you run the app in LOCAL or BASE, you can continue doing so.  The date on the Flight Add/Edit page can be in any mode (UTC, LOCAL, BASE).  However, the date on the ADS-B Live Data page must be the departure date in UTC !

  • If your flight was scheduled to depart before midnight UTC, but your actual OUT time was delayed until after midnight UTC, the date on the ADS-B Live Data page must be the scheduled departure date or (for non-scheduled flights) the date mentioned on the flight plan!

  • Live data is available for the past 7 days only.  

Limitations & Terms of Use

ADS-B Live Data is available in all plans of CrewLounge PILOTLOG, including the free Student edition.  The ADS-B function is for personal use only.  You may not redistribute, publish or resell this data.

ADS-B Live Data is a free service to all pilots using CrewLounge PILOTLOG.  

Accessing the ADS-B network is expensive. We are being charged a monthly fee + pay per call. Since we offer this service totally free of charge, we must limit the number of calls per user:

License PlanMaximum number
             Student (STD)10 free calls per calendar month
         Entreprise (ENT)30 free calls per calendar month
Entreprise Plus (ENT+)60 free calls per calendar month

You can follow-up on your personal counter
via My CrewLounge - My Orders (here)


  • Each time you tap the Get ADS-B button counts as 1 call.  This includes failed calls (e.g. invalid flight number, wrong date, etc.) and incomplete calls (data not available).
  • There is a minor delay on the processing of live data, up to 120 seconds.  We recommend you to wait at least 3 minutes after your gate arrival to obtain actual block hours (IN time).  If you call to early, you get the estimated arrival times.  
  • The ADS-B function is disabled for your account when you reach the monthly limit. Your personal counter is reset at midnight UTC on the 1st day of the next calendar month.
  • We hold the right the further limit the number of calls in the future, terminate this service, or charge per call (the latter with prior notice).

ADS-B cannot find my flight

The CrewLounge PILOTLOG ADS-B module aggregates airline schedules, airport and positional data from over 600 sources. Each day, we have access to millions of flight status and positional updates!

We have more than 90% worldcoverage of the Top 250 carriers. Published airline schedules are the base reference for our database. If you operate non-scheduled, ad-hoc, taxi, ferry or military flights, you may not find the flight through our system, even if your aircraft is equipped with ADS-B.

If CrewLounge PILOTLOG cannot find your flight, check the following:

  • The flight number or the airline code is incorrect (ICAO / IATA)
  • The flight number may have been changed (commercial code share)
  • The flight may not operate on the date requested (scheduled date UTC)
  • The flight may actually be operated by another airline (operated by)
  • The flight may be a charter flight, a non-scheduled flight, or a ferry flight

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