PILOTLOG - Version 5.2   

You can download your roster from the Airline crew web portal (or EFB inbox) through CrewLounge CONNECT and CrewLounge PILOTLOG.  Roster events downloaded through one app are shared automatically with the other app.

e.g.    when you download your planned roster through the CONNECT app, the flights also appear in the PILOTLOG app.  And opposite.

Notes :

  • Events Sharing between applications applies only to events that are downloaded from the Airline crew web portal or imported through the EFB inbox.  It does not apply to records that are manually logged or edited through the PILOTLOG app.  Changes you make in PILOTLOG are not shared with the CONNECT app.

  • Do not confuse Event Sharing (your own account) with Roster Share (roster exchange with friends)

By default, the CONNECT app imports all events published on your roster : 

  • flights
  • simulator
  • duty period
  • ground duties (meetings, classroom, medical, etc.)
  • day markers (part-time, requests, etc.)
  • off days (weekend, part-time, sickness, etc.)
  • hotel (overnights)
  • transport (deadheading, car, train, etc.)

Whereas the PILOTLOG app will only import :

  • flights
  • simulator
  • duty period

For PILOTLOG, you can further define which of those events (planned or historical) are imported from the airline interface.  Select the options from the Settings - Airline page in the PILOTLOG app.

Event Sharing is default enabled for all users.  If needed, you can disable this function on the Settings - Airline page of the PILOTLOG app, or from My CrewLounge - My Profile :