Sharing events between CONNECT and PILOTLOG

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CrewLounge AERO imports crew rosters from more than 600 airlines through 140 different crew management systems and EFB apps.  You can download your roster with CrewLounge CONNECT (crew roster app) and CrewLounge PILOTLOG (logbook app). 

By default, roster download feeds both apps.  For instance, when you download your planned roster through the CONNECT app, the flights also appear in the PILOTLOG app.  And opposite.


  • Events Sharing between applications applies only to events that are downloaded from the Airline crew web portal or imported through the EFB inbox.  It does not apply to records that are manually logged or edited through the PILOTLOG app.  Changes you make in PILOTLOG are not shared with the CONNECT app.
  • Do not confuse Event Sharing (your own account) with Roster Share (share your roster with colleagues)

CrewLounge CONNECT imports all events from your roster: 

  • flights
  • simulator
  • duty period
  • ground duties (meeting, classroom, medical, etc)
  • day markers (sickness, flight request, etc)
  • off-days (weekend, part-time, etc)
  • hotel (overnights)
  • transport (deadhead, own car, train, etc)

Whereas the PILOTLOG app will only import:

  • flights
  • simulator
  • duty period

For PILOTLOG, you can further define which of those events (planned or historical) are imported from the airline interface.  Select the options from the Settings - Airline page in the PILOTLOG app.

Planned Roster

When downloading your planned roster, events are imported as follows:

CrewLounge CONNECT

  • all events in the CONNECT database are updated.  This may include backward updating, if the roster includes events from the past.  


on June 12 you import your roster, and the roster runs from June 1st until 30th,

then events from June 1st to 11th are also be updated in the CONNECT app


  • flights, simulator and flight duties in the PILOTLOG database is updated, starting from "now" onwards.  Any flight data on the roster file that is prior to "now" is ignored.


on June 12 you import your roster, and the roster runs from June 1st until 30th, then flights from June 1st to 11th are ignored.  Use the Historical Data download function to import those events.  

Historical Data

When downloading your historical data from Date 1 to Date 2, events are imported as follows:

CrewLounge CONNECT

  • all events in the CONNECT database are updated with the new data.  


  • events in the PILOTLOG database are updated, according to a complex algorithm that decides whether or not the new data should overwrite the old data. This algorithm may overwrite some data and ignore other data.

e.g.  the new data has "08:05" as OUT time, and the OUT time in the database is "08:00".  Is the new data scheduled or actual?  Or was the flight officially delayed?


Disabling Event Sharing

Sharing events between both apps is a very powerful feature, but it also comes with a potential drawback, which can lead to data loss. 

In the following scenario you see that the flight data is lost when you sync the PILOTLOG app after your flight:


During the flight with no internet connection:

  • you insert the details into your today's flight
  • the changes are stored in the local database, and not yet synched
  • the changes receive a stamp "Date X Time Y"

CrewLounge CONNECT

After the flight:

  • you download your planned roster 
  • these events receive stamp "Date X Time YY" where YY is later than Y

Since you have turned on "share events between apps", the download will also feed the PILOTLOG app and since Time YY comes after Time Y, it will override the record from PILOTLOG.  This only happens for Today and Future flights, not for yesterday flights or other flights in the past (e.g. when you roster runs from 1 to 30, and we are 22nd today).

There are 2 ways to avoid data loss:

1/ after your flight, make sure to first sync the PILOTLOG app before you download your roster through the CONNECT app

2/ disable event sharing between the apps

You can disable Events Sharing on the Settings - Airline page of the PILOTLOG app, or online via My CrewLounge (login here)

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