How to autoload Function & Condition Time

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For primary information about "Function and Condition Time", refer to:

How to log Flight time (PIC, Co-Pilot, Night, Single/Multi Pilot, etc)

Flight Logging

The autoload feature will copy Total Time (or a part of that) into the function and condition time fields, when you log a flight. The feature works when you:

  • manually log a new flight or simulator record
  • modify the total time of an existing flight or simulator record
  • import flights from your airline roster

Proceed as follows to enable autoload:

Flight Config

On the Flight Configuration page, enable the function and/or condition time fields of your choice.  Autoload will not work when these fields are hidden.  The Flight Config page is available from any device (desktop and mobile).

Airline Interface

If you import your flights through the airline interface or EFB import function, you must select the proper function for "LOG HOURS AS" on the Settings - Airline page.

This setting only applies to new aircraft registrations that are not yet in your database! If the aircraft registration already exists in the Tables - Aircraft list, the autoload property for that tail number takes precedence.

Tables - Aircraft list

On the Tables - Aircraft list, edit the aircraft properties and set the proper function for "AUTO LOAD FUNCTION TIME".

You must set the autoload property for all aircraft in your database. You can use the mass-edit feature to set the autoload property for multiple aircraft with a single click. (e.g. when you upgrade from the right-seat to the left-seat)

Mass-edit is only available from the desktop. Read more about mass-edit in the following online solution:

How to mass-edit / mass-delete records

Backwards updating

The autoload feature only applies to new database entries, or when you change total time during record editing.

Use the mass-edit feature on the desktop Flight List to backwardly update multiple records already in your database.

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