Pilots and Cabin Crew at TUI Airlines (Belgium / France / Germany / Poland / Scandinavia / The Netherlands / United Kingdom) can import their planned roster with the IDPS OpsMan online interface from CrewLounge AERO.

The IDPS OpsMan interface imports your planned roster, and also historical flight data (actual block hours).

Pilots can also use our TUI OFP interface to import the e-JourneyLog (e-JL) and the DailySummary from the FlightKeys TUI OFP app on the iPad.

How to import from TUI OFP

CrewLounge PILOTLOG imports planned flight data from the DailySummary and actual flight data from the e-JourneyLog.  If you import both data sources, you should import planned details first.

There is no need for CrewLounge PILOTLOG to be installed on the company iPad.  You can import the data on any other mobile or desktop device.  In the CrewLounge PILOTLOG desktop or mobile app, select the TUI OFP interface for your company from the Settings - Airline Interface page.


  • you require internet access when sharing the files with CrewLounge PILOTLOG
  • batch import (multiple files at a time) is not possible, you export files from TUI OFP (and import with CrewLounge PILOTLOG) one-by-one


The DailySummary is the document that you would print prior to boarding the aircraft.  It contains planned flight details, such as scheduled hours, crew list, weather and notams.   

To import the DailySummary, tap the icon in the right upper corner.  Next :

  • if you have CrewLounge PILOTLOG installed on the company iPad, select the PILOTLOG icon
  • if you have CrewLounge PILOTLOG installed on your private iOS device or Mac Book, select Air Drop and push the document to your Apple device
  • if you have CrewLounge PILOTLOG installed on another device (Windows, Android, Blackberry), select any other app like Mail, to transfer the PDF document to that device


  • the DailySummary contains data for all flights that are displayed in the active window of the TUI OFP app.  Delete (archive) any flights which you do not want to be included, prior to generating the document.



The e-JourneyLog is the flight report that you sign and submit after the flight.  It contains actual flight hours, fuel uplift, passenger numbers, and delay codes.  

In the event that the e-JL was completed and submitted by your fellow pilot, ask your colleague to Air Drop a copy of the e-JL to your company iPad, or send a copy via email.  

In the TUI OFP app, you must first archive the flight.  Then, select the flight from the Archived Flights tab.


Press the Export icon in the right upper corner and select an appropriate method, similar to DailySummary :


  • The e-JL does not provide the Scheduled Time of Arrival, hence Scheduled Hours are not imported. We submitted a request to FlightKeys to have this added.  Meanwhile, schedule hours must be logged manually, or import the DailySummary from the TUI OFP.

  • The e-JL does not provide Aircraft Model, only registration.  You must manually add or edit any new registration in the Aircraft table of CrewLounge PILOTLOG.  

  • Pilot Flying (PF) / Pilot Monitoring (PM) is based on Landing Pilot.  You must insert your Employee ID in My CrewLounge - My Profile (here) in order to getting identified as Landing Pilot.