CrewLounge PILOTLOG for desktop is developed under Microsoft Windows, but runs cross-platform Windows / Mac!  

To make the application run on Windows 7-8-10, you require the following 2 (free) components to be installed :

  • GTK# by Xamarin - Version 2.12.10
  • PILOTLOG by MCC - Version 5.2 

CrewLounge PILOTLOG does not run on Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

In case the application does not launch when clicking the desktop icon on Windows PC (typically, the mouse-pointer spins for a few seconds and nothing else happens), you may have not installed GTK#.  


To verify if GTK# is installed on your Windows, go to Start > Settings > System > App & Features and look for "Gtk# for .Net".  Make sure you have version 2.12.10 installed.

If Gtk# is not installed, download and install the module from our website (here)