With CrewLounge CONNECT, you can share your roster with friends, and with colleagues, flying in the same airline, or working for another airline !

You must be a Verified User to use this function.  Read more here.

The process is straight forward :

  1. send a request for Roster Share to a friend
  2. your friend must accept the request
  3. both parties can now see the roster of the other party

To send a request, press the + icon in the right upper corner :

  • select the airline of your friend and insert the Employee ID (e.g. PBN or 48357)
  • or, insert the CrewLounge User Email account of your friend
  • your friend must be registered with CrewLounge CONNECT as a "Verified User"

You can connect with an unlimited number of colleagues.  

To stop sharing, select the person from the list and press the Trash icon in the right upper corner.

 Video Tutorial 

Here is a video tutorial illustrating Roster Share :

(new video coming soon)