Logbook pages not printing properly

Modified on Wed, 18 Aug, 2021 at 9:36 AM

CrewLounge PILOTLOG (desktop) comes with 90 different logbook formats.  Select the format from the Logbook - Logbook Format page.  In case the selected logbook has blank columns, you can configure those columns from the Logbook - Logbook Columns page.

Logbooks with code L000 (e.g. L001, L025 ) are printed in the exact size of the original paper logbook, such as Jeppesen, ASA, Pooleys.  The dimensions often do not match DIN A4 or US Letter.  But by printing to exact size, you can print your flight records on self-adhesive labels and paste the labels in the original paper logbook.  (search the internet for "A4 label" or "US Letter label" to find a nearby provider)

Logbooks with code P000 (e.g. P090, P095) are printed "page filling", either DIN A4 or US Letter.  Select the paper size from the Settings - App General page on the desktop.

Pages are skipped, some pages have just 1 line of text

In the event that pages are skipped (blank) or flight data is printed completely outside the grids, adjust the margins on the Logbook - Logbook Format page.

The values that you put in these boxes have no absolute reference.  You are not controlling the margins of the paper or the size of the printout!  You are moving the entire image to the left or right, top or bottom. You can even insert negative values to move the printout even more to the left (horizontal shift) or upwards (vertical shift).

Margins are expressed in millimeters   (1 inch = 25 mm)

Read more about Printing the Logbook on the User Guide.  You can access the user guide straight from your software application, or continue here :

Image size is too small

If the image is printed on the page, but the size does not match 1-on-1 with your paper logbook, make sure to have selected "actual size" in the printer dialogue box, as shown below.

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