March 2019 - We are replacing crewCONNECT with the new app CrewLounge CONNECT.

Your license remains valid.  However, you must create a new account and transfer the license, as follows :

Step 1 - Register

Create your free user account with CrewLounge AERO.  With a single account, you can use all apps of the CrewLounge AERO suite.

Should you already have a CrewLounge AERO user account for another application, like CrewLounge PILOTLOG, you can skip this step.

Register here

It's important that you review and complete your User Profile.  Login to My CrewLounge to view and edit your profile and your privacy settings.

Step 2 - Install

Download and install the new mobile app (iOS / Android) :

Step 3 - License

Launch the old application (crewCONNECT) and press the "Transfer License" button.  The license will be transferred to the new app CrewLounge CONNECT.  

The old app (crewCONNECT) will revert to DEMO.   Roster download and in-app purchase are inhibited in the old app.

Okay, you are all set.  Your license from crewCONNECT remains valid in the new app.  


1) Historical Data

Due to the different architecture, we cannot transfer records from the old app to the new app.  

If desired, you can run a backwards import for historical data, from the new app - Roster Download page.  (function not available for some airlines).  Press the Download Historical Data button, as shown here below.

2) Roster Share

Since your friends all create a new account with CrewLounge AERO, we cannot transfer the existing friendship connections.  You must send-out new invitations to your friends for Roster Sharing.

We plan to create a (free) app by mid 2019 for non-flying friends and family, that like to follow you around the world.

3) New functions

It will take a couple of days to get used to your new app.  Don't forget to try out the new functions, like Carpooling, Crew Chat, Passenger Headcount, Hotel Room List, etc.