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 ICT Security 

We are happy to inform you that CrewLounge AERO is fully compliant with EU GDPR regulations and also with easyJet's ICT security protocol. You should never share your credentials with third party app developers!


When you enter the login credentials in the CrewLounge AERO apps, your username and password are not shared with CrewLounge AERO! They are stored securely and encrypted on your local phone.

When you press the DOWNLOAD button, the credentials are only used in your phone's local memory. Unlike other 3rd party apps, your credentials do not go through the CrewLounge AERO cloud server! CrewLounge AERO's download process is identical to the web browser apps (Safari, Chrome, etc) on your phone, that store and recall your login details when you visit any webshop or website, also your company's crew portal. In this way we comply with all security standards as well as privacy legislation.

How to login to easyJet - AIMS

The easyJet Connected portal comes with 2 links to launch AIMS eCrew, as follows :

  • Single Login (automatic) :  The "e-Crew" menu item at the top goes straight to AIMS without the need for inserting your AIMS login credentials
  • Double Login (manual) :  The "eCrew Link" further down in the list connects also to AIMS but requires an additional logon

PILOTLOG and CONNECT come with 3 different interfaces for EasyJet :

  • easyJet (single login)
  • easyJet (double login)
  • easyJet (w/o Token)

We recommend to using the latter one (w/o Token).  Should that interface not work for your EasyJet account, then try the other ones.

Select the interface from the Settings > Airline > Company List.  To make things even more complicated, you find 3 easyJet companies.  So, in total, we offer 9 interfaces.  Select the correct company according to the flight numbers that you fly:

  • EasyJet - Europe Austria = EC / EJU
  • EasyJet - Switzerland = DS / EZS
  • EasyJet - United Kingdom = U2 / EZY

Read more about the AIMS eCrew interface:

AIMS eCrew | Download your Roster & Logbook

easyJet UserName - Password

When you select (w/o Token), you must insert your AIMS eCrew login credentials (see blue arrow on the following image).

When you select (Single Login), you must insert your EasyJet Network login credentials (see orange arrow on the image below).

Whereas with Double Login, you must insert all credentials.


  • Remove the secure\ or Europe\ fix from your login, if applicable 
  • Add a leading zero to your Login Username, if applicable
  • Select the "Slow Connectivity" checkbox


Several crew members appear to encounter an error with the Automatic Login from EasyJet Connected to AIMS...  The following error shows when they hit the "e-Crew" link at the top of the menu list :

You can try this yourself, by logging in to the EasyJet Connected portal from your favorite web browser and then clicking the "e-Crew" menu item at the top.  If you stumble into the above displayed error, you need to fix the link yourself or contact the EasyJet IT department and have your account fixed.  

Fix yourself:

  1. On the left side, under Forms, click the "Update Your Details" link
  2. Insert your AIMS eCrew ID and Password (typically a 4 digit Pin) 
  3. Submit your details and wait for about 24 hours for the EZY system to update

Contact IT department:

  1. On the left side, under Forms, click the "IT Service Request" link
  2. Select Request for "Access/Software"
  3. Explain the problem "e-Crew" (first item at the top of the side menu) not working.  Do not confuse with "eCrew link" !  There is no need to mention PILOTLOG or CONNECT in that communication !  

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