CrewLounge AERO support the following airlines of the LATAM group :

  • LATAM Argentina 
  • LATAM Brasil 
  • LATAM Cargo Brasil 
  • LATAM Cargo Chile 
  • LATAM Cargo Colombia 
  • LATAM Cargo Mexico 
  • LATAM Chile 
  • LATAM Colombia 
  • LATAM Ecuador 
  • LATAM Express 
  • LATAM Paraguay 
  • LATAM Peru 

This solution article is about the login to Sabre AirCrews.  This article applies to all companies in the LATAM group, except for LATAM Brasil using AIMS eCrews.

  LATAM changing to iFlight NEO  


07 FEB 2021

LATAM airlines are changing from Sabre AirCrews to iFlight NEO.  We already do support iFlight NEO for other airlines, but we are still facing some connection issues through the LATAM crew portal.  

At this moment, you cannot connect online.  As a temporary solution, you can import your roster offline, as follows:

1- export your roster from iFlight as PDF with hours in UTC time!

2- import your roster through the mobile app or through My CrewLounge (here)

Our Team is working on a solution for a new online connection.  We'll deliver the new solution in FEB 2021.