mccPILOTLOG and crewCONNECT support the following airlines of the LATAM group :

  • LATAM Argentina 
  • LATAM Brasil 
  • LATAM Cargo Brasil 
  • LATAM Cargo Chile 
  • LATAM Cargo Colombia 
  • LATAM Cargo Mexico 
  • LATAM Chile 
  • LATAM Colombia 
  • LATAM Ecuador 
  • LATAM Express 
  • LATAM Paraguay 
  • LATAM Peru 

This solution article is about the login to Sabre AirCrews.  This article applies to all companies in the LATAM group, except for LATAM Brasil using AIMS eCrews.

On the Settings - Airline page, insert your company BP number, like 0042247.  No Sabre login or password is needed.  


We run a back-office verification system to make sure that you are the owner of that BP number. Any abuse will immediately be reported.

If you get an error about invalid BP number, contact CrewLounge SUPPORT and include picture of your company badge !