Pilots at TUI fly Belgium can use any of the following 3 methods to import flights :

  • IDPS OpsMan (on-line):  PILOTLOG connects straight to the TUI IDPS portal and imports your Planned Roster and also Historical Data.  The latter is released by TUI with a delay of about 2 weeks.

  • Logbook PDF (off-line) :  PILOTLOG imports your Logbook PDF files.  You find those files on your Windows Surface - Data (D:) \ pilot \ inbox \ Logbook \ XXX

  • 2Log XLS (off-line) :  PILOTLOG imports your EFB files (continue reading here below)

How to import 2Log

1) Email the 2Log files from the company Surface straight to the following Inbox :     

Notes :

  • you find all 2Log files in the following directory Data (D:) \ pilot \ inbox \ Company \ XXX
  • you will not get any confirmation email 
  • you can send 2Log files in any order, and you may even bundle multiple files in a single ZIP
  • you can email from your company mailbox or from any other mail account
  • do not use the mailbox for any other purpose, do not use this account to contact the SUPPORT
  • it may take up to 15 minutes before your EFB email is processed

Automatic Sync

The 2Log file updates the flight records for all pilots on the flight !  That is, if one pilot of the crew emails the 2Log file to the Inbox, the other pilots on the same flight do not need to send the 2Log file again.  

Sending the same 2Log file more than once, either by the same or by different pilots of the crew, does not result in double data.


2) On the PILOTLOG desktop application, select the TUI fly Belgium (EFB 2Log) interface on the Settings - Airline Interface page.  

3) On the Airline page, hit the Start button...

Notes :

  • it may take up to 15 minutes before your EFB emails become visible to PILOTLOG
  • PILOTLOG does not have a dedicated field for all items of the 2Log Report.  For instance, PILOTLOG has a "Pax" field, but no fields for Adult-Child-Infant.  The remaining data is stored in the Flight Report section of PILOTLOG.