mccPILOTLOG requires that each aircraft registration is unique.  However, you may need the same aircraft registration for another aircraft model or for the same aircraft in a previous company.

You can then duplicate and re-use the registration, by adding an annex, either between brackets or by adding simple + sign. Both the brackets and the plus sign are filtered out when printing your paper Logbook. The annex is not filtered for Reports.

It is not important what you write between those brackets.  Anything that is clear to yourself, will do.  Typically, you would not use any brackets for the current aircraft, unless both aircraft are still flown today.

Here are some samples where you may need to use the same registration again :

  • A single pilot aircraft is sometimes operated as multi pilot crew :
    • create aircraft  5Y-DRK(SP)  and  5Y-DRK(MP)
    • create aircraft  N267PV  and  N267PV+

  • The same aircraft is used as LAND (snow skis) during winter season and as SEA (water skis) in summer time :
    • create aircraft  C-SKYW(water)  and  C-SKYW(snow)

  • Your company phased out the Boeing 737 and the fleet is replaced with Airbus 320 using the same registration :
    • create aircraft  N1234K(737)  and  N1234K

  • Your company was acquired by another company and you want to keep track of the hours flown in different companies :
    • create aircraft  N14240(Continental)  and  N14240

  • An aircraft is used as passenger aircraft during summer and as mixed passenger-cargo in winter time :
    • create aircraft  F-AEPA  and  F-AEPA(combi)

  • You work for an aircraft manufacturer and perform test flights with the same registration for different models :
    • create aircraft  F-AIRB(320),  F-AIRB(330),  F-AIRB(340) and so on
    • create aircraft  TBC(767),  TBC(767-GE),  TBC(767-PW) and so on