Pilots at RYANAIR can use any of the following 4 methods to import flights :

  • CrewDock :  mccPILOTLOG connects straight to the CrewDock portal and imports your Published and Planned Roster

  • CrewDock (off-line) :  use the CrewDock interface in the off-line mode without login / password  

  • Netline :  download your historical data in the crew-room and have mccPILOTLOG import the PDF  ( read guidelines in the User Guide )

  • EFB emails :  import your EFB files automatically ( continue reading here )

 Version 4.0 

  • CrewDock (off-line) is not yet available in Version 4.0 - Instead, use the EFB function.

The CrewDock interface requires a valid login & password to connect on-line.  The other 3 methods do not need any login or password (as per company MEMO / IT policy).


mccPILOTLOG connects straight the to RYANAIR CrewDock web portal.  It will download your Published and Planned Roster with a single click of the button.  Insert your login credentials and press the Start button.

Tick the "Remember Password" checkbox to preserve your password for next time.  Or, clear this checkbox if you prefer not to store your password inside the application.

CrewDock (off-line)

You can also the CrewDock interface in the off-line mode, without inserting your login credentials in the software, as follows :


  1. login to CrewDock using your favorite web-browser
  2. navigate to your ROSTER 
  3. grab and copy the entire content of the Roster web-page :

Windows : 

        - press CTRL-A (grab all) and then CTRL-C (copy content to clipboard)

        - or, right-mouse-click and choose Select All, then again with Copy

Mac : 

        - press Command-A (grab all) and then Command-C (copy content to clipboard)


  1. select the Ryanair CrewDock interface from the Settings - Airline Interface page
  2. on the Airline page, tick the "Work Off-line" checkbox
  3. paste the roster in the box at the top of the page :

Windows : 

        - press CTRL-V (paste clipboard)

        - or, right-mouse-click and choose Paste

Mac : 

        - press Command-V (paste clipboard)

       4. press the Start Import button 

UPDATE SEP 2019 - CrewDock Shutdown  

As you know, CrewDock is shutdown.  

We are no longer updating mccPILOTLOG. As such, the CrewDock function is not replaced.

Read more ( here ) in the new solution article for CrewLounge AERO.