If you operate long haul with augmented Flight Crew, you may have to log Relief Time (REL) / Supernumerary (SNY).  Log Relief time as the "rest time",  the time that you were not at the controls.


Depending on your aviation authorities, relief time may, or may not, be considered as flying experience. mccPILOTLOG gives you the option.  When you select "Deduct Relief from Total Time" on the Settings - Flight Logging page, all flight time logged as Relief Pilot will be subtracted from the Total Time on the Totals page and when you print your logbook and reports. As a result, your total experience shows less hours.

However, you should always log the complete Total Time !

     e.g. you perform a 14 hours flight from LHR 07:00 to LAX 21:00

You should log Total Time 14 hours of which you spent 4 hours in the right-hand seat (log as Co-Pilot), 4 hours in the left-hand seat (log as PIC time) and 6 hours sleeping in the bunk (log as Relief time)   

Total Time :  14:00

PIC :                 4:00

SIC :                 4:00

Relief :            6:00

Now, if you have selected "Deduct Relief" on the Settings page, this flight is printed in your logbook with a total time of 8:00 hours instead of 14:00.

Flight Time Limits

The same logic is valid for Flight Time Limitations (e.g. 900 hours annually).  With "Deduct Relief" selected on the Settings page, the Relief time is taken out of your total time.  There is no need to setup any additional field, such as "stick time".  Instead, log Total Time and Relief Time.


Whenever ‘SELF’ is inserted as Pilot 3 or Pilot 4 and Task is set to PM and TO / LDG are not logged and you have not logged Instructor or Examiner time, the software automatically prints “SNY” in the Holder’s Operating Capacity column of your logbook, typically UK formats.

Read more details in the User Guide.