Brown backcolor :

Flights that have been booked as ‘previous experience’.  These flights will not show on the Flights page, but will appear on the Query page.  These flights can be edited from the Tools - Previous Experience page only.


Green backcolor :

Indicates provisional records, either flights in the future, or flights in the past that require additional editing for missing data. The green backcolor is removed as soon as you edit the record and add the missing flight details.


You can edit each flight separately, or you can use the Multi Select function to mass edit all records. Should you want to override the green backcolor, use the Multi Select function to mass edit the records and choose "Remove green backcolor".  Read more about mass editing in this article :  

Depending on the crew rostering system used by your company, records imported through the Airline Interface will either color green (indicating that some info is missing, like actual block hours or aircraft registration) or normal white (if the roster provides all flight details).  In case of a roster change, the Airline Interface will automatically delete cancelled flights from the logbook, but only for changes that occur in the future, not in the past !  Any (green colored) flights that were removed from your crew roster, but that are still hanging around in your mccPILOTLOG logbook, must be manually deleted.

Notice that, on the mobile software, we use 2 different colors :

         Green :  future flights

         Red :      incomplete logged flights


Grey backcolor :

Indicates simulator session


Yellow backcolor :

Indicates the “Next Page” property is set for this flight. It will force the record to be printed on the next page of the paper logbook, similar to a "hard page break" in a text editor.  Use the Next Page function only in case you want to manually force the print-out to move to the next page, i.e. skipping a number of lines in your paper logbook.

You find the "Next Page" function here :