The following features may block files that are downloaded from mccCLOUD  :

  • Firewall   (especially Comodo)
  • Antivirus   (especially AVG, Avira, Avast, Kaspersky)
  • Internet Explorer  (edit the Security settings as explained below)
  • router / wireless range extender  (try without)
  • ISP  (especially Middle East - try with and without VPN)

To locate the culprit, disable the above listed devices and applications one-by-one. This may not be possible from public networks (hotel room, airport terminal). In that case, switch to another network / WIFI spot or try again when back home.

Continue with the following steps :

1)  Trusted Website

Add  *  and  *  to your list of trusted websites for your firewall, the router and the anti-virus. Notice that both websites are HTTP.  

Verify the security settings. Your firewall, router or anti-virus may restrict download from websites that are not HTTPS.

2)  Trusted Application (desktop)

Version 3.6   Add the start-up application mccPILOTLOG.exe and the main application mccApp1.exe to your trusted list of applications for the firewall and anti-virus.  

Version 4.0   Add the start-up application mccPILOTLOGLauncher.exe and the main application mccPILOTLOG.exe to your trusted list of applications for the firewall and anti-virus.  

The start-up application is located in the Program Files folder, the main application is located in the Application Data folder.  This article explains the exact location of these folders :

3)  Browser compatibility

Version 3.6

Windows 7-8-10 mccPILOTLOG is developed under Microsoft Studio. As such, our software uses the Internet Explorer web engine to download files, even if IE is not your default web browser !  

Launch Internet Explorer and open the Options - Security Settings page.  Add  *  and  *  to your list of trusted websites. Notice the asterisk * in front of both domain names.  

 Windows 10 - Do not confuse Internet Explorer with the new Edge.  W10 comes with 2 browsers, Internet Explorer and Edge.  You need to take IE !

Version 4.0  

mccPILOTLOG v4 does no longer use Internet Explorer, but Phantom JS and additionally Chrome.

If none of the above listed solutions workout for you, continue here :