mccPILOTLOG retrieves flight data from the following locations in AIMS :

  • Detailed Schedule :    planned flights
  • Brief Schedule :          achieved flights

Pilot names are retrieved from both locations.

The Detailed Schedule page is showing pilot names on most or all flights. Some airlines do not have this AIMS feature, in which case planned flights are imported without pilot names.

The Brief Schedule page is also showing pilot names. However, if there was a crew change along the pairing or during night-stop-over, or a last minute pilot change at time of sign-in, AIMS does not list the name of that crew member in Brief Schedule.  Hence, when you download and import achieved flight data from AIMS, pilot names may show missing on certain flights.  In case you are a first-officer, your name may inadvertently move to the Pilot 1 seat.

The only way to avoid this, is to regularly import from AIMS and always to select Both (Planned and Achieved) on the Airline Interface page.

Here is a somewhat cumbersome solution to get this fixed backwards :

  • From the AIMS portal, manually download older flight rosters through the Detailed Schedule page and save as HTM file on your computer.  
  • You can then import those files by selecting the "Work off-line" checkbox on the Airline page in mccPILOTLOG.  mccPILOTLOG will consider the block hours as actual block time !  In case those hours were planned block hours, you need to run a new on-line import from the Brief Schedule pages to restore the actual block hours.