mccPILOTLOG logs flight time as follows :

Function time 

Pilot In Command
P1, includes SOLO and SPIC
Second In Command
P2, Co-Pilot, First-Officer
PIC Under Supervision
P1 U/S, Co-Pilot in training for Captain

Either Received or Given,

the latter logged with Instructor


Check Pilot
Relief Pilot
SNY (Supernumerary)

Condition time

Instrument Flight Rules
Flight planning rules (versus VFR)
Actual Instrument
Flying in IMC
Simulated Instrument

Hood training in a real aircraft,

not in the simulator !

Flying more than 50 NM (airplanes)
or 25 NM (helicopter)

According your flight rules

Do not confuse "Sim.Instr" with simulator flying or Instructor flying.  Both are irrelevant !

If your logbook or the selected report shows a breakdown for Night time over function (PIC Day / Night, Co-Pilot Day / Night, etc), mccPILOTLOG will automatically allocate the night time to any logged functions, starting with PIC.

We suggest to always log function time, also for simulator sessions, while condition time should only be logged on real flights.

The following article explains how to set-up the software for automatic night time calculation, automatic cross-country logging, and automatical function time loading :

User definable time fields

You can add more time fields yourself.  There are 4 user time fields on the Settings - Flight Logging page, that you can use for special function or condition times, like Navigator, Flight Engineer, NVG (Night Vision Googles), Rescue, S&W (Sling & Winch), etc.

Do NOT set-up a special field for the following :

  • SOLO
  • Aerobatics
  • Single / Multi Engine
  • Single / Multi Pilot
  • TMG (Touring Motor Glider)

Read further for more information.

Notice that besides the 4 user time fields, you can set-up another 3 special fields on the Settings - Other Settings fields.  However, these fields are for other purposes, such as Gate / Runway information, Sling & Winch, or other stuff you want to track.

Solo Time

SOLO must be logged as PIC function time.  Read more about SOLO in the following solution :  

SPIC / PICus Time

There is a separate field for PICus.  SPIC can be logged as PIC function time. Read more in the following solution :

Single / Multi Pilot

There are no separate time fields to log single/multi pilot time.  This data is taken straight from your aircraft properties on the Tables - Aircraft page ! 


e.g.   you log 30 minutes Total Time on a Cessna 172, then mccPILOTLOG will automatically consider this as Single Pilot time.


Some commuter companies schedule a two-men flight crew on a single pilot rated aircraft.  You can then simply modify the properties for that particular aircraft.  However, changing the properties will affect all flights ever done with that aircraft registration.  Should you want to log some flights as single pilot time and some flights as multi pilot crew on the same aircraft registration, then follow this solution :

Single / Multi Engine

There are no separate time fields to log single/multi engine hours.  This data is taken straight from your aircraft properties on the Tables - Aircraft page ! 

e.g.   you log a 2 hour flight on an Airbus 320 or an Agusta Helicopter, then mccPILOTLOG will automatically consider this as Multi Engine time.


There is no separate time field to log aerobatics.  This data is taken straight from your aircraft properties on the Tables - Aircraft page ! 

If the aircraft is set to Aerobatics, all flight hours on that particular aircraft registration are automatically considered aerobatic time.

In case you fly this aircraft both as 'normal flight' and 'aerobatic flight' and you want to keep things split, then :

  • On the Tables - Aircraft page, clear the aerobatics checkbox 
  • On the Settings - Flight Logging page, set-up a user time field called 'aerobatics'
  • Manually insert flight time in that user field whenever you perform aerobatics

Aerobatic experience logged with a user defined time field is viewed in reports T001, T002 and G015. Aerobatic time associated with the aircraft is shown in report T001, T002 and G014. If you want to print aerobatic time in your logbook, you need to create a user definable field, and then select this field from the Logbook – Logbook Columns page.

Relief Time / Supernumerary

If you operate long haul with augmented Flight Crew, you may have to log Relief Time.  Relief time is the time that you were not at the controls.

MCC Conversion Training

mccPILOTLOG does not offer a separate field for Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) training.

However, by mentioning "MCC" in the Instruction text field (no quotation marks required), the software recognizes the MCC training and it will print that training in dedicated columns on certain official forms.

Additional Info