Future planned flights and simulator sessions can be exported from the PC/Mac desktop to the calendar on your mobile phone/tablet. 

Calendar export is an automatic background process, as part of the mccCLOUD sync function. Planned flights that are imported through the Airline Interface on the PC/Mac, are automatically transferred to the mobile app through mccCLOUD sync and then further to the mobile calendar app.

For basic guidelines how to setup sync (and enable Calendar Export) between PC/Mac and Mobile phone/tablet, read this article :

If calendar export does not work properly, verify the following :

On the Sync page of the mccPILOTLOG app on your mobile phone/tablet :

  • Press mccCLOUD - Sync
  • Verify the Sync Log for   iCal :  X   events
  • Continue with a) or b) 

a)  iCal shows 0 events

The issue is located on the PC/Mac side

On the Settings - Sync PC Mobile page of the PC/Mac :

  • Verify the “Sync planned flights to mobile calendar app” checkbox is selected for your mobile phone / tablet

On the Sync page of the PC/Mac :

  • Select the "Transfer all planned flights to mobile Calendar app" checkbox 
  • Press Sync Now 


b)  iCal shows X events


The issue is located on the mobile phone/tablet side

On the Settings page of the mccPILOTLOG mobile app :

  • Make sure Export to OS Calendar is selected ON
  • Press the icon and re-select the Calendar again (while the name of the calendar is still shown, the background handle to the calendar may got broken when updating the mccPILOTLOG app or updating the OS)


In the Mobile Phone / Tablet OS Settings :

  • Make sure the selected Calendar is not read-only (image 1)
  • Verify mccPILOTLOG has access rights to the Calendar (image 2)
  • Consider to create a new calendar in OS Settings and see of that one works for you  (image 1)

(image 1)

(image 2)


Calendar export is only available in version 3.6 and version 4.0 of mccPILOTLOG.  Calendar export will be removed from mccPILOTLOG in version 5.0 (Q3-2017)  Pilots should then use the crewCONNECT app with an excellent and complete export function.