SOLO time is PIC time and must therefore be logged in the PIC field.  

There is no separate field for SOLO time and you should certainly not create a SOLO user definable time field ! 


Your entry in the PIC field is automatically converted into SOLO when training is logged on a single pilot aircraft.  Therefore, when you want the software to consider your flight as SOLO time, log the hours as PIC time and make any text entry in the Instruction field ! 


The software will automatically consider your PIC time entry as SOLO when the following conditions are met :

  • Aircraft must be Single Pilot 
  • PIC time is logged
  • any note is written in the Instruction text field
  • Instructor time is not logged


If the logbook format that you have selected on the Logbook - Logbook Format page has a separate column for SOLO, the software will automatically print the above PIC time in the SOLO column.  The PIC column remains empty, unless you select the “Print SOLO also as PIC” checkbox on the Logbook - Logbook Format page.  SOLO is not printed when you act as instructor (instructor time logged).


You can use the pre-coded “Solo” query on the Query page to list all SOLO flights with a single click.  This criterion is also available from the Query - Advanced myQuery page.


SOLO is mentioned as Case L in the following LASORS  "Guide to logbook annotation" document :